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Posted by azfan (Member # 8482) on :
Do you take it continually, or on a pulse schedule? I find I do much better on it, but my doc says it shouldn't be taken continuously.
Posted by NP40 (Member # 6711) on :
Pulse ours. Normally, five days on, then two off.
Posted by Andie333 (Member # 7370) on :
I have a bit of a different schedule with tinidazole. I take it for one week each month and have for the past few months.

That seems to work well for me, though I have to say that one week (when I'm taking 3 abx) is a rough one!

Posted by Virginia of Yore (Member # 3269) on :
I've been on tini non-stop for years with no apparent problems from it, in conjunction with other abx. I'm doing well overall.

I would not use flagyl non-stop over 3 mo. max, as it did cause some toe numbness & other peripheral neuropathies in me when I took it for longer than that (which was years ago when they first realized it might help with lyme.) It took several years for the flagyl induced toe numbness to fade. The tinidazole does not seem to have that side-effect on me.
Posted by lymedesign (Member # 8791) on :
My daughter pulses flagyl 250 mg 3 days a week. She has been doing this for 9 weeks. I was also wondering how long people usually stay on flagyl. Have Dr appt in two weeks and I am curiuos as to whether she will continue on this longer.

Herxing seems to be less and less with each passing week. She is also on zithromax and mepron.

Any experience with the length of treatment with flagyl would be appreciated.
Posted by northstar (Member # 7911) on :
I did not take it until after I did 3 months daily tx of other abx.

It was then done at 5 days per month.

Then after several months, it was reduced to 3 days a month.

These were always continguous days.

I switched from flagyl to tindamax because I thought the brain burning was from the flagyl. I dont know if that was a true cause and effect, but I do feel safer on the tindamax. I rarely have that feeling anymore, and when it did occur, it was not in relation to ingestion of tindamax.

Posted by ESG (Member # 4816) on :
I was supposed to pulse Tindamax by taking it Mon & Tues and then Thur & Frid., but the fatigue on the second day was too overwhelming, so LLMD switched me to taking it on Mon-Wed-Fr and that works nicely for me.


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