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Posted by yourtroubl (Member # 11087) on :
My insurance denied coverage at doc in PA. I could fight it but I have ID appointment here in town tomorrow.

If that does not work out, then I dont know what I am going to do.

You just get so conditioned to going to doctors and having tests and nothing being done, its wht you expect.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
ID docs are not helpful with chronic lyme usually. I'm no expert but you might be able to get some code changes on the claims forms and get the claim accepted. Did they say why they won't accept it?
Posted by tic chick (Member # 9156) on :
Hi, I am going through the same problem with my insurance co and recently posted in the "General" section. I received the following link that may be helpful:;f=3;t=013935

If you've been dx with a TBD then you really need treatment from a LLMD as I'm sure you know.....they know how best to treat this.

Fight for treatment. Appeal all denials.

Posted by lymeinhell (Member # 4622) on :
It's becoming more and more common that LLMD's don't accept insurance. And after trying wasting 9 months going to insurance approved specialist after specialist, I dug deep, coughed up the $ and went to an LLMD.... And got my life back after a year of treatment.

My advice - beg, borrow or steal and get to an LLMD. You are wasting precious time - and ID is the last person I would EVER want to see with this disease. The longer you go without treatment, the longer it will take to improve (and the smaller the chance you can put this in remission).

Your insurance may not cover the dr visit, but they will cover they labs and most prescriptions (although an IV may be tough to get covered).

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