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Posted by joysie (Member # 11063) on :
Hello All,

While waiting for a doctor of a LL sort, I saw an ID Dr. Before everyone faints, he was very confused but did agree to start me on appropriate treatment (Mepron/Zith) while he did more testing and reviewed all my other tests.

He seems to wish I had some other (any other) positive test results. He very kindly kept saying "Are you sure you haven't been to Nantucket?" I wish.

And he said twice, "Yes, it's a coinfection and yes the deer tick is the carrier but.....we don't HAVE that here".

And yes, I cannot find any reported cases on State websites or CDC. However, I KNOW I have seen several of you who had positive tests.

Can you chime in and tell me where you live in MD?

Posted by digirl02 (Member # 7177) on :
Southern Maryland - Calvert County
Posted by shoney (Member # 9925) on :
(I live Baltimore county-tested positive for WA-1
type babs
Posted by eddog (Member # 8844) on :
Eastern Shore. Chronic babs.. probably picked it up somewhere in Kent, Queen Annes, Talbot or Dorchester County. I live in Dorchester.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :

And he said twice, "Yes, it's a coinfection and yes the deer tick is the carrier but.....we don't HAVE that here".

You might mention to the ID doc he is WRONG- There is LOTS of Babesia in Maryland.

Tell the doc to contact the health department.. then multiply the number of cases they tell him by 100. That should give him an idea of the number of cases per year. Also tell him Babesia is getting ready to be put on the "reportable" list in Maryland.. and I have been pushing for that for a number of years now.

Until now, no one thought it was here.. so they weren't looking for it... so they didn't have reported cases.

By the way.. it is all over the state. Some places are hot spots for it.

Good luck with treatment!

[Big Grin]
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
And if you'd like... you can mention it has been known to be here since at least 1986.

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Posted by joysie (Member # 11063) on :
Thanks for the replies. I live by the way, on the Mont./Howard line.

We spent time this summer with my daughter at horseback riding competitions in Fair Hill and a couple places in Pennsylvania.

Tincup and all, my theory is that there's no testing, so no reporting, and then disbelief and a perpetuation of no testing or reporting when people actually get results because there is no precedent.

Anyone else in MD please chime in. Tincup, if you want to elaborate on any MD knowledge (MD as in Maryland) I'd love to hear it. The ID docor and his colleague seem like reasonable, listening people and if there's info I can share I want to do it.

Thanks again
Posted by stella marie (Member # 7216) on :
I'm in Ga now, but got ill while living on the eastern shore, Queen Anne's Co. in MD to be exact.

I've not tested positive for babs, but have been in tx for the past 4 months and boy am I responding in a good way.
Posted by YorktownNL (Member # 7657) on :
Hi neighbor!

Wa-1 - in southeastern Virginia. Symptoms unclear until lyme was under control.

Consistently positive results through multiple labs and consistently high eosinophil counts.

Started treatment today and to my absolute amazement can tell this morning already.

Good luck
Posted by LymeLaura (Member # 6624) on :
Not sure where I picked up Babesia. Either Howard County or later at the Baltimore County/Howard County/Caroll County Boarder (we lived adjacent to the Patapasco State Park.)
Posted by Hope4Better (Member # 10075) on :
southern maryland-calvert county..where i contracted
Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella...

thats only the ones i know of.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
That doc needs to get a clue! I have/had babesia and I got it in TEXAS. It's everywhere a tick is!!!
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
How come I have to post UNDER the girl with the droopy drawers? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey tutu.. how are you?



I think you are right. It is a mess in MD and other states.. and our doctors are NOT getting the information from the STINKING health departments! You know.. the ONES in charge of protecting our health and who get LOTS of our taxpayers money to do so!

I can't believe I am still having to SPELL the word Babesia or Babesiosis for doctors when I speak to them about it. I was smirkly questioned by an unbelieving doctor as to the treatment for it once.. and the doctor asked me how to spell Mepron so he could look it up. Thinking he tripped me up.. he said.. "It can't be because it isn't in the PDR."

I said look under Atovaquone.. which, of course, I had to spell.. and it was there. Stupid ducks!

I can't believe they've never heard of it and have NO clue it is in Maryland or to look for it. There are over 70 species that can infect mamals and birds.. and now we know... many can infect humans too.

It has been document as being transferred by blood transfusions (even after blood was frozen for over a month).. and even during a heart transplant... by donor blood.

The first human case was supposedly diagnosed in the 1950's.

Dr. Virgina Sherr has a good Babesiosis article published that your doctor may want to read.. and it focuses on the topic that it needs to be noticed and reported! I THINK you can find it on the ILADS site. Maybe print it out for him? It has a comprehensive list of symptoms, etc.

My best advise is to NICELY contact your state legislators and Congressional members and tell them your situation. It would help us in Maryland SO much. They are really listening now and it would be perfect timing!

We are making a LOT of progress.. but some politicians are saying they don't have a Lyme problem and no one is contacting them about it! NOT their fault.. it is the health department who plays it down and won't educate the doctors or the public ... or lift a finger to help.

Ouuu ouu ouu..


My new computer just arrived! Later gators... I've got some work to do!

And everyone is invited to my..

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Posted by docjen (Member # 7510) on :
Regarding the question of why health departments don't know about/acknowledge babesia: public health and health departments in this country and coordinated by the CDC. 'Nuf said.
Posted by joysie (Member # 11063) on :
Thanks everyone, please keep it coming!

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