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Posted by Hope4Better (Member # 10075) on :
is the full moon messing with anyone else?? esp. the lunar eclipse???

my eyes are so puffy and burning,my tears are burning my eyes again-like theres acid in the tears or something... and my knees hurt sooooo bad..and i was emotionally a mess yesterday morning..

do u think it has anything to do with Lyme and the full moon? lunar eclipse?

why am i getting a sudden surge of symptoms all of a sudden??

anyone else get this recently?
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Hi hope -- I felt awful yesterday, like a steam-roller herx. Cannot move my neck and shoulders and have great fatigue.

Don't know if it is the full moon, but I think it has to do with starting tx for babesia with malarone and zith recently. Esp the zith always knocks me out.

Feel better -- and spring is on the way!

[group hug]
Posted by nancyb (Member # 10154) on :
Just thought I'd share this link with you. The moon was a recent topic over on Canlyme.
Posted by JeffM (Member # 8919) on :
People have said on this site that the lyme can behave like a parasite and therefore becomes more active during a full moon. And so then bam the abx or immune system kills them, and we feel worse.

I have a 2 year history of getting worse during full moons.

However, this full moon I feel great. I hope it means progress!
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
Worms / parasites
Posted by wenan (Member # 10993) on :
I felt awful yesterday, emotionally and physically - some of it is there now but hopefully as the full moon moves on, so will the yucky stuff! Thanks for posting the article, it was a good read.
Posted by johnlyme1 (Member # 7343) on :
This was the first full moon for me in months where I did not feel like total crap. Yes I could feel it but not like it has been in the past.

This last month I added back in to my program 1 clove cap 2 blackwallnut hulls caps 2 absinthe caps for any lingering worms, flukes and parasites.
Posted by cantgiveupyet (Member # 8165) on :
I actually felt better with this full moon....4 days prior to it too.

not sure if its the catsclaw that I started....time will only tell. could be hormonal for me too.

I used to feel terribly during full moons
Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :
Well, blow me down!

I don't know if you guys are right or not, but it sure feels good to have a reason behind how I feel today.

Yesterday I was fine, but today my hands and feet are killing me and I have been very emotional all day feeling like I'm losing the battle and my life is over.

Thank you for making me feel a little better.

Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I am so dizzy today I can hardly walk without someone helping me. It would be nice to think it was because of the full-moon and it will go away soon!
Posted by wenan (Member # 10993) on :
Okay, so my husband the science teacher tells me that there are certain invertebrates that up their reproduction during full moon and some(like some invert. in the pacific) that only reproduce during the full moon. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
I am having an awful time with this moon, the worst in a long time.

Wild emotional stuff (I haven't had for months), horrible pain and manifestation of new symptoms, entirely. Not having fun; I hope in another few days, it's over.
Posted by wenan (Member # 10993) on :
true blue, I am right with you. I just burst into sobs when my husband didn't notice I had cut my hair into bangs!!!! Holy cow. Tomorrow's a new day.

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