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Posted by dontlikeliver (Member # 4749) on :
For those interested go to

It is the one dated March 24th, right now about the 4th or 5th article on there, scroll down.

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Pretty good! Glad it's getting some recognition in the UK.

Check out that mylar rash! Those with "lupus" need to see that!
Posted by Annxyz (Member # 9097) on :
Thanks for sharing this !

I believe you posted that you were going to try minocycline . You might PM jarjar , who is having good results ( as is his doc ) using glyconutrients in conjunction with mino .

I have been using them , and I think ( based on research ) they do indeed strengthen the
firing capacity of and number of white cells .

The mino seems to be working even better for people trying this .

good luck to you !
Posted by Anneke (Member # 7939) on :
I clicked on the trailer for the new Lyme documentary coming out of the UK called:

Lyme Disease: What is going on?

It looks very very good. Very professional. How exciting for all of us!

Posted by dontlikeliver (Member # 4749) on :
Posted by dontlikeliver (Member # 4749) on :
Posted by HEATHERKISS (Member # 6789) on :
Looking forward to that film also.
Posted by dontlikeliver (Member # 4749) on :

I think it is going to be shown in the UK/Europe, not US. But, you never know I guess.

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