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Posted by motownlyme (Member # 11485) on :
Since I've started ABX I've had a faint three inch ring pop up on my chest. The Dr. says was definitely a Lyme rash.

Now I'm getting small clear blisters in a roughly ring shapped pattern on the sides of my fingers. It is not Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, etc.

Does anyone else have any experience with this?
Posted by wiserforit (Member # 9732) on :
Hi Motown -

What abx are you on?

I can tell you that I was on Doxycycline for 2 months and my hands broke out in little red/clear liquid blisters between the fingers.

Eventually the blisters spread to the top of my hands and started getting itchy.

My LLMD asked me to see a dermatologist (useless) who said it was not the Doxy.

I caught the stomach flu from my kids and the blisters multiplied to both the back of my hands as well as the palms.

i couldn't handle the itching any longer, so I stopped the Doxy and the skin stuff cleared up almost completely within 24 hours.

You and I sound different, because i didn't get rashy stuff anywhere else on my body nor did a bullseye pattern show up.

So for what it's worth... that was my Doxy experience.

Hope your blisters are clearing,


Posted by motownlyme (Member # 11485) on :
I'm on generic Biaxin (Claryithrymic ER) 1000 mg. They don't itch.
Posted by mississippilyme (Member # 11205) on :

Not trying to scare you, but check Stevens Johnson Syndrome, some meds. cause this. Be sure to stay on this and find out what is causing it. My husband found that it could be caused by some antibiotics.

I'll try and find out what I can. I have never had a rash that I know of, but recently my husband developed lesions on his legs from taking Lamictal we think, they are getting better since he stopped taking it.

If your rash got better off the Biaxin, it might be that it was causing it, you may have to take something else instead.

Keep searching and take care,

sherry [Smile]
Posted by Cathy DeVoe (Member # 11271) on :
Hi Everyone,

The Stevens Johnson Syndrome is the first thing that came to mind for me also.

Are you taking the mood stabilizer Lamictal? Because that can really cause this syndrome.

Do not hesitate to call your LLMD.

I don't want to scare you either but your LLMD might have you go to the ER just to get evaluated.

This is customary to make sure you are not having a severe reaction.

Take good care of yourself tonight and get medical advice.

Thinking of you, Cathy
Posted by motownlyme (Member # 11485) on :
Thanks for the info and the concern. Just spent a scary few minutes looking at Stevens-Johnson Syndrome rashes. My rash is very small,is not red, and does not look like any of the ones pictured.

I will keep a close watch and if gets worse at all will call LLMD or go to local ER. I am not on the medicine mentioned. Right now I take:

1000 Mg Clary ER
Mag Tab SR (Magnesium)
Clonazepam (.25 as needed)

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