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Posted by yourtroubl (Member # 11087) on :
Some guy told me today that Oregeno oil was the only thing that could keep you well from Lyme

Anyone heard this?
Posted by HEATHERKISS (Member # 6789) on :
Hi trouble,

It's a natural antiviral. I do not think it kills bad bacteria.
Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :
I do NOT believe that.

I have taken Oregano Oil at times, but I think Buhner's protocol will do more for you if you have Lyme D..

Oregano DOES kill BAD bacteria. BUT, HOW MUCH do you need. IF you take it by drops, not in a capsule, just one drop in a glass of water or juice burns your mouth something fierce, at least it does mine.

I quit it last summer with some other supplements, when I got into trouble taking too many different things. I just recently just started taking it again, 2 drops a day.

Jim. [Cool]
Posted by Anneke (Member # 7939) on :
Taking Oregano oil did terrible damage to my stomach. It took months of meds and healing agents for my lining to heal. Be careful!
Posted by clairenotes (Member # 10392) on :
I think it is quite a potent supplement, with a fairly wide range of action against various microbes. Not sure how specific is it for spirochetes, but I think some members here have said it helped.

My health improved to some degree, but not anywhere near what I would have liked, when I took it. And I do think it was hard on my stomach also, so I really agree with Anneke that it is important to be careful.

And you may need to supplement with probiotics because it can affect friendly flora in addition to unfriendly flora, if you do decide to take it.

Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :
You are so right, Claire.

There have been in vitro studies done on it. It DOES kill just about everything in its path, IF in strong enough doses. Dr. Cass swears by it, but then he SELLS IT too.

Jim [Cool]
Posted by Health (Member # 6034) on :
It was not strong enough for lyme. I was on it before I found out I had lyme, was not on antibitoics. I went on antibiotics.

I was taking about 60 drops a day, it did not work.

Now, I am taking it while on antibiotics, but I think my stomach is not handling it well.

I would say, NO, it is not strong enough, I experienced it not being strong enough.

Also, 9 years ago I took it and worked up to 80 drops a day, I did this for over a week,
then stopped it because it was getting expensive.

It also did not seem to be doing anything.
However, maybe had I stayed at this dosage, for 3 months, I would have hit the lyme growth phase, but???

would this dosage have damaged my stomach? would I have been able to handle it? would it have damaged my liver at 80 drops per day, for 3 months?

I dont know. Would it have helped me? I dont know. 9 years ago, I was much stronger then I am now. I did not know I had lyme back then.

Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
do a search here.

Oregano oil is not essential oil of oregano.

Essential oil does burn. No one on earth would have stood 80 drops a day of the pure thing, I guess one should have got permanent damage no matter which age.

Even 1 drop (pure) is strong.

Lots of info on oregano oil here, in past threads.
Posted by Health (Member # 6034) on :
I took 80 drops a day of the North American Herb and Spice brand. I would not do this again though.

It is not an essential oil kind, it has olive oil in it.

I later went to the Triple strenght kind and reduced the dosage.

Posted by twopuggles (Member # 10971) on :
I don't think it is strong enough to kill lyme entirely either. I have been taking it quite for a couple of years now, but mostly to control yeast. I use gelatin capsules and fill them with the drops.
Posted by Annxyz (Member # 9097) on :
I took the NOW brand capsules . I personally think it can kill lyme , and have read other stories of folks who felt it did . However , it can be hard on the stomach .

I take one capsule of the NOW brand . Two capsules just about had me flat on my back and I beleieve it did knock off some lyme bacteria.
Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :
It helps when you have a sore throat to gargle it. It also helps just putting ONE drop in a glass of juice/water, when you swallow it for the sore throat also.

I take ONE drop of the essential oil, organic, two times a day, in my glass of water/juice to wash down my herbs.

MAYBe that is good, maybe it is not. I don't do it all the time. Been only about two weeks now. I try to keep changing SOME things up.

I went back up to 1/2 of my maximum regimen a couple of weeks ago also, and am feeling better again. SO THAT is where I will stay for awhile.

I LIKE feeling better.

My Ostomy nurse's assistant asked my WHY I didn't take a WHOLE dropper full of the Essential Oils Oregano IF it kills the Spirochetes. SEE WHAT the MAINSTREAM people believe or KNOW? I told her, WHY, do you want to KILL ME? ONE DROP is enough!

Jim [Cool]
Posted by Monica (Member # 224) on :
My physical therapist tells me that any essential oil can do damage to the liver and kidneys.

Not enough research has been done to determine long term effects.

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