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Posted by Ladylee210 (Member # 9945) on :
Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while due to many things - stress - work problems - new job - and just feeling lousy.

Trying to figure out what is going on with me, let me explain some.

Was feeling pretty good up until the beginning of this yr (just prior to that I did have 3 surgery's - 2 for kidney stones and 1 for endom.)

I did bounce back from these - but also knew from gyno that I was entering my changes as my hormone levels are in the double digets ( I beleive 18 then) I just turned 48.

The month of Feb. I seemed to really fall apart - mentally - emotionally and physically. In trying to pin point what is causing this I recently went to reg. doc and had him run complete blood work including hormone levels, thyroid and so on.....blood work was all great except my hormone levels (if I'm reading right) are now 40 if that makes sense.

With that I started some small research on menopasue...much to my surprise this 'change of life stuff' can cause many symptoms.

This is where I need help, I feel like crap - I do not have hot flashes but rather CHILLS and shakes (of which my doc uped my zanax) - I feel out of sorts - I'm tired - I have pain on left side of body - (caridic blood work is fine) ekg
fine - and art. in neck are fine, etc (see heart doc on monday anyhow)-I'm dizzy - light headed - sometimes spacey - have alot of gas in belly (as the gas feels like it's all over the body)I do take theralac - seems like alot of acid kinda feeling as well. My periods come like every 3 weeks - somtimes light - sometimes normal - it seems I have only one good week in the month.

With all that said - what is one to do about this ? Can any of you suggest what you take and or good web sites for me to research this more?

I know there are alot of products out there to help with this change of life thing - but how do I know what is really good and safe and so on?

I did ask if cardic like symptoms come along with menopause and elevated like pms things and they looked at me like I was crazy or something - yet with the little research I did do last night - everything I'm feeling points to menopause - go figure.

I always wondered what I would feel like once I reached this age - having had lyme in remission for a while - it sure feels like active lyme - or cold it just be the change stuff.

Thanks everyone in advance for any help and or direction in this manner. I just need some answers and support - I'm nerviuos and scared to a sense.

(sorry for being so long )
Posted by k-lyme (Member # 5574) on :

My mom is going through menopause and I've had some menopause mimicing hormone problems myself. I've seen several doctors for my problem and I've gone with my mom to some of her appointments, and here is what was told to us and what works for her:

-Find a doctor, or nurse practicioner, that is familiar and fluent in something called bio-identical hormones (bio identical hormones are natural exact replicas of our own hormones derived from, I believe soy. Google this to get a better understanding if you are not already familiar). The doctor who is giving you xanax should be shot! [Mad] You don't need a drug that, if I'm reading right, really isn't taking the edge off your discomfort, you need balanced hormones! You also sound like you are severly depleated in more than just sex hormones too.
-Instead of having hormone level blood tests run, get a panel of spit tests run on your hormones. They are way more precise and often times depending on the test can show any changes in your hormones over a time period of about a week.

Your overall health is endangered with unbalanced hormones. If your testosterone level is severely unbalanced, then you can develop cardiac symptoms because we all have testosterone receptors in our hearts.

Google can help you in your search for a doctor fluent in bio identical hormones.

Take Care,
Posted by wenan (Member # 10993) on :
Ladylee, The best place I have found for answers is . I actually saw Marcelle Pick on a trip up to Maine. She is amazing and they are doing fantastic things. She is compassionate, intelligent, and no nonsense.

She also does phone consults. They cannot prescribe unless they physically see you. Bioidenticals have been the way to go for me. She and her associates have a very good understanding of metals, lyme (just okay), candida, the works.

The articles and all on the site are great and the supplements my daughter is now taking and her insulin resistance is gone!

You don't need to suffer. I hope this helps!
Posted by Ladylee210 (Member # 9945) on :
Thank you both for your reply.

As you both can tell I'm new to this stage of a woman's life, and my Mother passed away yrs ago so I don't have anyone to guide me personally.

I do know for sure that the change is huge when it comes to a womans heart. Being heart healthy is very important in these times as I have read and I am truely going to talk to my heart doc on Monday about this, I mean there is no denying this.

My Mother had a full hystarectomy (sp) in her early forty's and she had her first heart attack at age sister had her first heart attack at the age of 49 as well - both right in the menopause yrs. And now here I'm entering into those yrs as well.

Am I mistaken to think why the heck don't the heart doc's and gyno's put the 2 things together and know that this is hormone related....

From the little I have read this is a factor and should be looked into and paid attention too.

My goal is to get my hormones balanced and try my best to get thru this - as I know for sure I'm going thru it.

I pay strick attention to my body and how it is feeling and what I'm feeling - in a sense that all came from my lyme yrs.

My period last month was hardly nothing (almost like a skipped one) for the first time, so I'm sure I'm going thru this change.

I will gladly look at the website suggested and any more that may be as well.

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