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Posted by polar blast (Member # 9142) on :
have the shots worked on neuro symptoms and has anyone tried iv glutathione...
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
I had a series of B12 shots, but I think they only gave me some energy and didn't help the neuro symptoms. Hiker
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
I think they are good primarily to support methylation which helps with overall detox. I do them several times a week.
Posted by cordor (Member # 9449) on :
I get b-12 shots weekly. and also glutathione push (1/2 dose) 2 times per week. Both of these when I am able to get myself to the doc who does them for me.
Posted by polar blast (Member # 9142) on :
I cant take full dose of makes my heart race..
Posted by LisaS (Member # 10581) on :
I am doing b12 shots but so far I dont notice any difference.
Posted by wenan (Member # 10993) on :
I am doing B12 shots - didn't notice any difference until my doc upped the dose. She wants me to see if I can switch over to transdermal B12 so I am giving that a shot. I was told the B12 is essential for the liver to utilize glutathion properly. I had a bad reaction to IV glutathion.
Posted by AlisonP (Member # 7771) on :
I started my treatment doing these shots until I discovered that they are contained in a solution that includes aluminum as one of the main ingredients. I stopped them immediately.

Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
I did B-12 shots as well, but I just felt really tired after them.

Plus, I had burning pain from the injection (My RN neighbor gave them to me).

I stopped after a couple of weeks and went to a prescription oral.


Posted by amberlin96 (Member # 11535) on :
If u want oral b-12, there's a rx called Animi-3. It contains high b12, b6, omega-3s, and i think b1 or b2...and 2 other things(i forgot). But u might wanna try these.
Posted by Andie333 (Member # 7370) on :
I tried injecting B12 and didn't see results. But I get a real energy boost with the same dose of methylcobalamin (a form of b12).
Posted by davidx (Member # 8326) on :
I did methyl injections daily for 6 months. They did not help my neuro symptoms unfortunately.

Posted by clairenotes (Member # 10392) on :
B-12 shots helped my neuro symptoms to some degree but not enough to justify cost.

Whey protein has glutathione precursors. So I drink paleomeal for whey protein, but there are other good ones to choose from. I also take NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) also said to help with glutathione. Somehow it seems to work for me.

Posted by David95928 (Member # 3521) on :
One of my symptoms was ulcers in my mouth. They WOULD NOT HEAL. Also, my tongue would sting. I stumbled upon regular B12, which is very cheap, and that did the trick for both of these. I wait until I have a symptom and then take 1 ml. It's usually about every two weeks. The shots are virtually painless and leave no soreness, at all.

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