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Posted by notkrazybrian (Member # 10621) on :
Ive had visual problems from the beggining of lyme and have only been on treatment going into my third month now so im not exspecting anything yet. Although visual problems arent a ''pain'' they are certainly terrifying and freightening. For me I have blurry vision, floaters, visual snow, afterimages, and can kinda see trails behind objects. Wondering if anyone else out there has visual problems and are willing to share them. Thanks, Brian
Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :
Hi Brian. No, you're not crazy!

Here's a good thread on the subject.;f=1;t=048290#000004

The "after images" or "trails" are palinopsia.

A good eye exam is a fine idea but don't be surprised if your eye doc is unfamiliar with it. It's common in lyme, so it seems.

Mine went away with treatment. I MISS mine! Like an LSD trip without the drugs!! :-)

Stay with treatment and you will see it diminish.

Also, be wary of babesia.

When the infection in your brain simmers down, you'll miss your "filmstrip visions" -- though perhaps not much of the other stuff.

Hang in there!

Posted by sick (Member # 9143) on :
Vision problems

I remember one night I was fixing supper when I thought that there was a nat or mosquito by the side of my face.
I hit at it and went into the other room and sat down.
Low and behold it was still there.
I guess it was just a floater.
Then it got so I couldn't drive in the early mornings or night becuase the bright lights would just blind me.
More floaters contined to appear.
My glasses always seem to need cleaned but even after I clean them they still are not clear.
I also see black objects out of the corner of my eyes but when you turn around to see what it is they shut out of there really fast.
Is this lyme to?
Posted by sick (Member # 9143) on :
Vision problems

I forgot one thing.
Things that i know are straight look like they are at an angle.
For instance if I run off some typing off of my printer it doesn't appear to be straight.
Or a door that I know is straight looks like it is not.
I don't tell anyone around here that as they just accuse me of drinking which I do not do.
Posted by Jill E. (Member # 9121) on :
If I look at anything patterned (like a bedspread or patterned fabric) or anything with different shades of one color, then the image pulses and shimmers - like a pulsing, fast blur. So far I can look at geometric patterns without problems.

Unfortunately it's getting worse and I've been in treatment for three years for Lyme and several months for Bart. Haven't been treated for Babesia yet.

I've had many floaters for years.

Posted by ByronSBell 2007 (Member # 11496) on :
I see clear little floaters, lots of them! Some are little dots, others are skinny strands. I also get a little dizzy every now and then... Sensitive to light when I am really bad!
Posted by klutzo (Member # 5701) on :
I have the same thing as Jill does....floor tiles, walls and ceilings seem to be undulating, sometimes with flashes of light. This does not happen all the time. It mostly occurs when I over do it and am short of breath, or when I first wake up.

I can't drive at night or see in dark rooms. In complete darkness, I lose my balance and fall over.

I have floaters and blurred vision. My eye doc says I have very healthy eyes. I continue to need stronger and stronger glasses for reading, but my long distance vision is still perfect.

There is another thread about the same vision problems on the front page right now you might want to read also.

Posted by mississippilyme (Member # 11205) on :
Hello Brian,

Visual symptoms must be common. Drs. couldn't tell me why my vision was messed up, but symptoms went away with treatment of lyme.

I had double and triple vision, blurred and floaters, things on the ground flew across the sky, when I reached for something I reached too high, too low. or too far to the side.

I was tested for glaucoma and other eye pressure things, but all was normal. It was the lyme and I did not know I had it.

A neurologist started to send me to a medical college for tests, but then decided not to.

I hope you can get this under control soon. You are not alone in this mess. Hopefully we'll all make it out.

Praying for you to see clearly soon,

Sherry [Smile]
Posted by bejoy (Member # 11129) on :
Amazing, as I read this thread I notice things I always took for granted as normal. Doesn't everybody see this way? I may have to redefine my whole life post lyme.
Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :
I have had floaters for MANY years. Long before I got Lyme.

It is normal as you get older, past 40.

BUT my vision, especially late at night like this gets bad. I can hardly focus and it is blurry, eyes hurt at times.

Some herbs are good for relieving these symptoms.

Jim [Cool]

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