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Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
Hi everyone,

For the past few weeks I have been experiencing weird chills througout my body. At night when my neuropathy is at its worst, my skin is burning but I am shivering.
I don't believe this is fever related because lately I haven't had a high body temp.
Mainly I want to know is this a sign of babs, or another symptom of neuropathy?
Thanks everyone.
Posted by HEATHERKISS (Member # 6789) on :

I seem to get hot all the time w/ Babs but the doc says chills is a symptom of babs.

I get chills only occaisonally.
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
I have had that symptom, with chills and some skin burning and tingling, since starting tx for babs with malarone. Much more chills than skin burning though.

I do not understand why treatment for babs is bringing out the babs symptoms so much more, but it is!

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