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Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
I just came back from my naturopath who does ART.

She told me she only sees intracellular cysts of borrelia in me. No more active form, but the cysts may turn active at any time. That's what she thinks my light arthritic pains were.

She is treating me for only intracellular cysts then (of L-forms, I'm not sure), quite a complicate mixing of herbs plus supplements (galactose, MSM, pc-noni included). It's very difficult to make killers go intracellular.

Very surprisingly, tincture of Pau d'arco tested VERY GOOD against borrelia in my brain. It's amazing. She was surprised, because she didn't know pau d'arco herself. Stephania didn't test good for me for the moment.

But still andro (planetary form), cats claw (rain tree), sarsaparilla (RT too) tested good. For bartonela, the knotweed (pure herb) tested very good too. Buhner is right on that point!

She gave me the herbs and supplements while I was there. It's so funny to feel the stuff I always took finally penetrating in my head. My vision cleared after a few minutes, my light jitterness went out about an hour after.

I got tired eyes lately, I thought it was a problem of fatigue of the eyes as I stay up very late, few hours of sleep, etc, but not, it was a problem in my brain! Another piece of the puzzle solved (at least, temporarily).

I'm more clean of metals, but still far from clean, so I'm on that cleansing job still.

My lungs tested metal free for the first time. I told her nothing, she just told me: "well, you don't have any more any problem in you lungs, do you?" Surprisingly, no, I don't. If I have, it's so small that I don't realize it anymore, lately. The lung problem lasted about a year and a half!! I tested high for lead poisoning last year.

My remaining chills come from a hypophyse (sp) problem, probably caused by metals and borrelia toxins. Recommended treatment is to get away from eletromagnetic fields during the night, at least, and be in total darkness in sleep, then take all the supplements to help killers and cleansers reach my brain.

She told me my autonomic nervous system (ANS)is wonderful now. She's confident the bad phase is indeed gone. Me too! [Smile]

Thioethers (a root canal toxin) tested low, she said that when ANS works well, we can eliminate quite some toxins better. But she still found thioeters in one of my kidneys. I can't forget to take bear garlic tincture, she said, for kidney support... But it's better to have toxins in the kidneys than anywhere else. At least, according to her, they're trying to find their way out!

This disease gets more difficult to treat in the late stages, I find. Without my naturopath's help, I'm very lost on what to do. She is usually right, at least, I do feel I give a huge step every time I go see her.

Other interesting products that showed good action against borrelia cystic form: Biprolex, surprisingly! It tested VERY good for me! Such a 'simple' and unexpensive bee product. Not to be forgotten.

The more I go on this lyme treatment trip, I find it's rather easy to find borrelia killers in herb/ natural forms. But killing is not the ONLY problem in lyme... Far from that, specially in the late phases when you don't have much to kill but still have few light symptoms.

I find it's more difficult to find natural killers for co-infections than for borrelia...

This all was only done through ART. So guys that don't believe it, please just ignore my post!

Good night! In total darkness and zero EMF!!

If Gigi reads this, she sends her kind regards to you.

Posted by viva (Member # 8183) on :

Big congratulations on your continued progress. I have read many of your posts on the Buhner herbs, and have appreciated your sharing your experiences. My fiance is on both conventional medications as well as the Buhner protocol, and feels that Buhner's herbs are an important part of his treatment.

I have some pau d'arco tea here, and am going to add it to our next batch of detox brew. I know everyone's reactions are very individual, but this makes me curious about adding it to the mix.

I still don't have an understanding of what ART is. Do you feel up to writing a quick description, or do you have a link that I can go to?

Thanks so much, and warmest wishes for your continued healing,

Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Viva, I tried pau d'arco tea in the beginning of my treatment for fungi. Its effect is very small compared to pau d'arco tincture. You can home-make yourself. What I was tested good for, this time, was tincture.

Read the Rain-Tree site on pau d'arco. Even powder is less effective than tincture as the active elements of this specific herb are alcohol soluble and not water soluble.

I was using it for fungi, but it's the first time she ART tested it for borrelia and it did show VERY GOOD.

Info on how to make tinctures is also in the rain-tree site. Very inexpensive and easy, just take some time to 'cook' it.

I did try both, tea and ticnture, they're totally DIFFERENT things.

For ART info:
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
Great update Selma. My experience with ART has been similarly wonderful! [Smile]
Posted by viva (Member # 8183) on :
Thank you for the reply, Selma.

I'll read up on both ART and pau d'arco.

We get our cat's claw from Raintree, and I know how informative (and ethical) they are.

Thanks again,
Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :
Wheres the best place to get art from? I believe this is for Babesia.
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Scott, yes, it is really amazing! Are you also on Galaktose?

I'm HERXING a lot today!!! [woohoo]

I have been taking a cocktail of herbs and not herxing for so many days! I'm on the SAME cocktail of herbs (even less, as I'm not taking astragalus), exact same amount (without any metal cleansers), and I'm herxing in my brain and eyes suddenly (?)!!! And possibly in my lower back (sort of arthritic pain?)

I guess that all due to D-GALAKTOSE ?!?

I always think about Gigi and her advices. This Galaktose seems promising. I gotta find the pharmacy to buy it as my little sample is going to finish soon.

So it means we herx while killing cystic forms/ L forms too?

My brain is not very clear, I need cleansers...
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Good going, Selma. Stick with it - and before you know it, you won't remember how bad it once was!

And remember, whether you use metal agents or not, just using any "killing" agent or even effective supplements, will automatically move out some of the metals from the cell walls and put them into circulation. They don't live separate lives - they all hang out together. Once the rest of the world understands this, treating Lyme becomes less of a problem. Many a herxheimer is not really a herxheimer, but also a heavy-metal-and-other toxin-moving event.

Dr. K. has never separated these two and has been trying to make his voice heard. A few - have listened.

If you want the phone number for the Galactose (99.9% pure) there are a few pharamcies in Switzerland that carry it. Also one or two in Germany where we get ours. Go to and keep clicking - you will find the phone numbers, and some write-ups also. I am sure you have read what I posted about galactose here some months ago.

Did S. tell you that Dr. K. told about his autistic boy patient? I forget exactly - about 5 years old; never spoken any words. He recommended after ART testing that he take it. After five days on galactose, he spoke about 1200 words in one day. Miracle?

Best to you and yours.

Take care.
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :

I would be interested in hearing more about how she tested the Borrelia types (cyst, Lform, etc) with ART? I have never seen that done or taught. Was she using Mental Field testing or vials or how did that work?

Thanks and glad to hear you are making more progress!
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Aviva and others,

Here is another (close enough) description of ART -

Autonomic Response Testing (ART


To begin to understand ART one must first understand the basic function of the body's Central Nervous System (CNS). Our bodies are constantly sensing the world around us and responding to its stimuli. Furthermore, our bodies as a whole are regulated internally to ensure its correct functioning. These tasks are carried out by our CNS, some parts of this system are within our conscious control and others are largely beyond our conscious control. The Autonomic Nervous System is that part of our central nervous system that is generally beyond our control and deals with all our bodies functions to allow us the freedom to live our lives without having to consciously perform hundreds of vital tasks. Imagine if we had to consciously remember to breath, digest our food, beat our heart, grow our hair, control our immune system, regulate our temperature, balance our hormones etc. etc. These tasks, and many others, are the responsibility of our Autonomic Nervous System which regulates millions of signals and responses within our bodies every hour.

Autonomic Response Testing ART is exactly what it says, it tests the responses of our Autonomic Nervous System, ANS. So why would you need to have your ANS tested? And what if you did, what happens then?

ART was developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D and Lousia Williams, DC, ND. Dr. Klinghardt is a German trained physician who also has a Ph.D in neurology. Homeopathy has concerned itself with studying the responses of the ANS to the treatment and remedies offered to patients, and ART is heavily aligned with the work of Homeopathic practice today.

The Theory Behind Autonomic Response Testing
Without going into reams of complex explanation of how ART is applied and the exact areas of investigation I will attempt to give you a basic overview. If you wish to pursue your knowledge further then there are many more detailed sources available on the internet and elsewhere.

If a person is in the very best of health, both physically and mentally, then their ANS will be working ``normally'' within that individual. If there exists some form of ``stress'' on a person's organism then their ANS will be producing an appropriate response to that which threatens their state of `homeostasis', or balance. Therefore the focus of ART testing is to determine ANS imbalances in very specific ways.

ART tests are designed to create responses from the ANS to determine its correct function or otherwise. ART uses Applied Kinesiology, Electro acupuncture (EAV), O-Ring testing, Nogier pulse, Chinese pulse, heart rate variability and other techniques to assess the health or dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. All these procedures are totally non-evasive to the patient. If a person's ANS is being compromised then the results of ART testing will show such changes that are in effect from whatever might be causing an imbalance. There are numerous possible reasons for a persons ANS becoming out of balance. A persons system may be reacting to toxicity from heavy metals, dental disorders, post operative scars, electromagnetic disturbances, chemicals, foodstuffs, garments, jewelry or even from a particular unconscious mental state emanating from a past forgotten event in their lives. There is an extensive list of things that can and do effect the ANS. Pathogens of viral or bacterial origin are the obvious ones we think of but ART will test for others we might never imagine.

The basic premise behind ART is to identify accurately that which is causing a stress on a persons system. This is its first mode of application. Thereafter it is also possible to use ART to monitor the effects and changes to the ANS from any prescribed treatment to the findings of the ART diagnosis. This provides and accurate and reliable double edge sword of both diagnostic and treatment therapy.

What Happens if I am Treated?
Obviously anyone can find a therapist and request a test using ART. I suggest that this may prove useful to not only ailing individuals but also to those wishing to maintain a state of good health too. Much depends on the results of testing and only after a full and complete test will you have the details of your own personal state of health as far as your ANS is concerned. Treatment may involve de-toxification, dietary changes, conventional medical treatment, psychological interventions, a course of herbal medication, supplementation of minerals or vitamins etc.etc. It all depends upon the results of the ART test with each individual client.

ART is Good for What?
As I have said, our ANS is constantly regulating our inner well-being and therefore any disruption of our system will show a response in the functioning of our ANS. Therefore I suggest that ART is an excellent `tool' to delve into any feelings of an imbalance within an individuals functioning. So no matter what you might believe ails you, or simply just to maintain your state of well-being, ART is a very useful `tool' to employ.

Find a qualified ART tester and make an appointment to discuss your concerns. This is the very best way to determine for yourself if you think ART can help you. You may find this a very valuable diagnostic tool especially if you have failed to find answers through the usual course of visits to healthcare professionals. does not necessarily endorse any of the treatments and therapies in the complementary health directory. This directory has been provided for your information. We urge you to be discriminating in making your choice of complementary or alternative therapy. Get Help Now

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Take care.
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Gigi, I do believe on this bugs + metal story for a long time. I was herxing purely from die off, almost exactly like I herx with metals. Symptoms are very similar (high feeling in the head, jitterness, some anger coming...).

It was a strong herx, I could only take ONE DOSE of killers in the morning, and only loads of cleansers the whole day. Now it's already evening here, almost midnight, I'm NOT GOING to take any more of Galaktose today as I got enough. I'll start tomorrow.

I got intense herx like in the beginning of my treatment a year ago or even more. The other intense 'herxes' I had during this past year were only after metal detox supps. I do feel the stuff acting inside my brain! It's amazing.

I AM still surprised! I'm on the same cocktail of herbs, same amount (even less) and I suddenly herxed like hell being almost symptomless?!! So cystic forms cause such herxes too ??

I found a pharmacy in Konstanz that has D Galaktose, but they didn't answer the phone today, so I'll go for your website Myoreflex.

Great story about this autistic child. I'll take though less Galaktose next time, go slower on that for sure.

SCOTT, no idea. I saw her bringing the slides, but as I'm laying there, I can't see what she's doing beside me. She was using slides when she said that. Aren't there slides of cysts, L-forms? It's almost impossible for me to look at the side table while she's doing ART.

She insisted saying borrelia is now only hiding deep in the cells and not in active form, but I didn't get if it was L-form or cysts or both. That's where she said Galaktose could help in making herbs enter the cells and it tested good.

Sorry if I could be of no more help.
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Gigi, I'm reading about Myoreflex therapy.

If I undestood well, one of the main centers for that is in Konstanz, with dr. Mosetter??

I'm wondering if you would recommend this type of treatment if I'm already doing neuraltherapy.

It looks pretty close to Dr. K's practice, for what I understood (?)

Do these guys use Galaktose, is that what you meant?

Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Hi Selma, yes, I pointed you to the Myoreflex Therapy site so you could find the phone number of the pharmacy in Konstanz, who are the only ones in Germany carrying this special Galactose. But on the same website, you should have found a few pharmacies in Switzerland who also carry it.
Dr. Mosetter happens to be very active in the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland also treating the chronically ill with myoreflex. Here is the website

Yes, most patients/clients at Myoreflex take Galactose. Cell repair.

You will also find a couple of interesting articles about Galactose on that site, in English. I think I posted both of these a number of months ago on Lymenet, but got more static than interest. Too bad.

I have communicated with both Dr. Reutter, the researcher/brain of galactose (now a Nobel Prize Candidate) and have met Dr. Mosetter and find his myoreflex therapies superb. I was treated myself for the seemingly permanent damage of Lyme/Bells Palsy, which I had lived with for a number of years thinking that it could not be "repaired" and that I had to live with it. Surprise -- One treatment of myoreflex took care of it permanently -- it reactivated the muscle, thus blood flow and nerve conduction, and I became totally as I was before the paralysis.

The therapy works on practically every disease one can think of, from Parkinsons, to MS, to ADHD, to just plain back problems, dementia, seisure disorders, etc. Read the articles if you are interested.

The people in Germany are very lucky. They have a huge number of therapists, trained by Dr. Mosetter, the founder, all over the country, doing this therapy. A couple of doctors from Florida apparently took the training, but proceeded to turn it into a 15-minute bang-bang therapy for a hefty price, and that just doesn't work. They are not certified myoreflex therapists.

The therapy is intensive hands-on ten fingers only the patient (seemingly) rests quietly, while the brain/computer is being reset. After treatment, the patient feels like he has run around the lake ten times!!!! It is amazing to watch it. I am 100% certain that it also sets a few things in motion to detox the brain and body!!!!!

Am working on getting Mosetter and Dr. K. together. Dr. Reutter will be a speaker at the next Dr. K. conference in Berlin. An exciting world! and many people are being helped.

No, I had not thought of you for myoreflex: however, if you have any structural, physical hindrance caused by the illness and toxicity, it is a fabulous treatment. It is totally non-invasive. I had Neural Therapy many times, many, many times in my face, and even the longest needle into the various ganglia did not totally erase my facial paralysis. Myoreflex did, with one treatment (less than one hour).

Some of the concept of neural therapy is included in myoreflex, but so is Traditional Chinese Med, ayurvedic, and several others, as well as modern neurology. Dr. Mosetter developed this method some 15 years ago. From 5 years of age, he knew his father only in a wheelchair, stooping forward, unable to walk.
Young Mosetter made up his mind, instead of art, studied medicine; that had brought his father nothing but a misdiagnosis of MS. Traveling around the world, he developed this therapy and was able with it to get his father out of the wheelchair after 25 years not being to walk at all. Walking kilometers again. Dr. Mosetter is a most remarkable young man in his early 40's!

It's another one of these doctors that I will not forget for the rest of my life.

My aim is to get him together with Dr. K. for sure. I might make it next week.

You probably know: Instructions for galactose is 3x3 grams per day for about a month. Then reduced to 3 grams once a day. Continue or stop depending on condition.

I take it to help me stay healthy and young, now once a day. It is a great nutrient for cancer, before during after, or just to counter the daily stress. I posted some case histories some months ago.

Dr. Reutter told me he brought his father's liver cancer to remission with galactose as well as alleviating some of the typical aging symtoms.
Reutter and Mosetter work very closely together.

Here is another explanation - German only I think

Alwasy something new to learn...

Take care.

Scott, matrix vs. cell. Same for bugs or toxins. Determined with testing agents and distance of testing arm. That's what I remember. I.e. from the many different agents, if DMSA tests, it's matrix. If melatonin tests - it's intracellular. And please don't tell me I am wrong - it took my old brain a while to catch on!

[ 19. April 2007, 12:00 AM: Message edited by: GiGi ]
Posted by mag (Member # 8920) on :

wow -- great visit with your naturopath! Good information for us too!!

I have noticed that some herbs cause no herx for me and others(like knotweed ) will hit my brain right away.

I think I have lots of cysts form bacteria - I can be fine for several days and then - a bit of exercise or heat - Then I feel like a train fueled by a tornado has run me over.

Any way the galactose -is fascinating-
I have read some where that the galactose level decreases when the antibody titers are up.
Sugar beets or seaweed or order it !!

Gigi, I will have to read more on the ART- the brain is still slow - I am learning-
Really appreciate your candid picture of the
lyme process and your willingness to help everyone!!

Dr K's protocol was the very first for me
Without a diagnosis for the first 1 year I relied heavily on his supplements and herbs

nice to have all this good info

thanks !!!
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Gigi, beautiful story about Dr. Mosetter! Hope you'll make the two men meat! What I love with dr. K is that he incorporates anything that he feels helps patients heal faster. He's so open for that. I'm watching some DVDs with Dr. K, I'm learning a bit myself.

I don't have the budget to do his courses as I'm on dental treatment, but I can't resist buying more DVDs and writings on his courses.

I don't have any permanent damage that I can see, but myoreflex does look interesting. I'll email you to ask for names, in case you know someone you would recommend.

I believe that when the bacterial load falls down not to be detected by ART anymore, when my teeth is treated etc, I'll keep on going to practioners to keep my health in line, to avoid a relapse from this awful disease.

I know that I'm in HIGH DANGER for being re-infected as my cat is coming with about a hundred ticks a week (I'm NOT exxagerating!). I just pulled off 25 yesterday. So, I have to keep on trying to be healthy, no way to stop totally on profilaxis/ prevention.

It's funny how each modality of treatment works better for certain things. Glad to see your bell's palsy problem has cleared up after so many years!

The Galaktose experience is still going on. I diminished drastically the amount a day, I'm herxing much less. Bearable. What is funny is that when I'm on Galaktose, I lose hunger, it's like I don't need to eat anymore.

One of my lyme symptoms was constant hunger, extreme hunger, I had to eat many times a day not to collapse feeling without energy. And I still kept losing weight.

Once I got better, so did this extreme hunger. But what I'm experiencing these last days, is weird. A first time experience in my life, that I remember. I'm skinny, and I eat well at least 3 times a day with a lot of hunger!, but since I started on Galaktose, my body doesn't feel it needs to eat. I take my breakfast, with Galaktose, and that's it. I don't feel hunger, until my tummy starts to ache (because it's used to having food at lunch/ dinner). I only eat then a fruit or salad, but I dont' feel like cooking as I'm just not hungry.

I'm thinking if it's because Galaktose helps feeding/ healing the cells? I'm on tiny doses, and will slowly ramp up, so that my body doesn't get confused (that Galaktose = food!!!). Did you have a similar experience in the beginning?

Also on cutting the EMF from my bedroom. Can someone feel the effect from night 1 after cutting all the electricity to the bedroom or is this just placebo?

I have the impression I need less hours of sleep because I sleep deeper? Or could this be the Galaktose?

Thanks for the info on Paracelsus. I had heard a lot about it lately!

If in a month or two I don't get rid of chills, I'll give a try with Myoreflex!

thanks a lot! [kiss]

Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Mag, not all herbs cross B/B barrier. Knotweed and andro cross. But it doesn't mean you should stop the other herbs, as they work synergistically!

Hope you'll get rid of these nasty cysts!

Good luck!
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
Selma - you maybe should get rid of that cat! That is not worth the risk!
Posted by mag (Member # 8920) on :

I believe Grapefruit seed extract crosses too!

how about feeding the cat some garlic or
other things so the ticks are not attracted
to H-im/er

Posted by clairenotes (Member # 10392) on :
Thank you for posting your progress, Selma.

Not sure about that cat either! Hope you can find a good tick repellant.

Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
I wanted to give him garlic, it seems it could cause a type of anemia in cats, so nope. I tried sulphur homeopathic, it's NOT working. Now I'll go for the Neem in powder, food and to put on his fur.

Scott, thanks for your concern, but I love my cat. And eliminating him, will not eliminate the risks (he never comes inside anyway), there are loads of other wild animals around in my garden/ in the walls of my house, etc. And around my garden, all the domesticated animals (sheep and goats, basically).

At least the smell of a cat around keeps the mice away!

My cat is also my tick barometer. Without him, I don't know how many ticks are around until someone at home is bitten. With him, I know exactly when tick season started and how bad/ good is the situation.

He can bring ticks to us, that's right, as well as the other wild cats that live around. Once one cat is down, another comes to occupy his territory, so no way to eliminate the danger. The only way is to move away to the city, not a price I'd like to pay for the moment...

After I saw a post of tick infestation inside the house of someone, I'm starting to be worried about the animals in my house's walls, maybe that's what I should start to get rid of, I mean, finding the holes and cementing these, so that I don't get surprises of ticks coming from the walls!!!

Mag, have you seen any article about grapefruit seed extract being used as repellent?? Specific for cats or for humans/ dogs?

Thanks for any info,
Posted by mag (Member # 8920) on :

here is a website that refers to the use of
GSE on animals - You can see if this is used as
an anti -septic/viral or a repellant:
I am not affiliated with these companies - just a humam looking for solutions

you can try farah on the board - she may know
a bit more on this

I don't have any pets now - but the squirrel that is outside my window waiting for her babies.
So - I haven't kept up with pet bugs.
I used to used a natural powder and herbs to repel fleas and ticks on my dog and cat...
cedar, bay, eucalyptus, lavender, and a flower powder???

you are right about the tick barometer with your cat - it is good that she is not getting sick from them - are you sharing those herbs with her?!?! [Smile]

I would love to have a pet

Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Mag,nope, GSE doesn't seem to act as repellant, more like to kill parasites, fungi etc. Also a good idea for my cat, but not for the purpose I'm looking...

Thanks anyway.
Posted by lalalu (Member # 10854) on :
Thanks for the update and inspiration.
Posted by chroniccosmic (Member # 7789) on :
That is great news, you are healing by leaps and bounds!

My dad used to feed my dogs brewers yeast tablets, he was an old folksy farmer health nut. I have always done that to my dogs and we don't have ticks on them and they are out most of the time in a fairly wooded area. For what that is worth.

I saw a flea/tick powder once in a health food store that you would give to your pet and it contained mostly brewers yeast and garlic. Don't know if works for cats but I think its high in B vitamins.

How often do you go to be ART tested during your post amalgam detox? My dilemma is that the closest one is roughly 6 hours away which I could maybe do every other month. I'm wondering if that's enough.

Any comments appreciated. I'm so jealous of you that live in areas that have access to all these wonderful practioners! We are in the boonies and have to drive to St. Louis, MO or Chicago for pretty much everything.
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Chronic, thanks for the hint. I'm just a bit afraid of giving my cat garlic due to risk of a sort of anemia... I checked some sites, the brewers yeast I found always contain garlic.

I do know garlic repells ticks, that's what I use in my garden. I wish I had a dog!

I'll try the neem herb ingested to see what happens, it seems neem is not harmful to cats even in large amounts. I caught a tick walking on my arm today while pulling his ticks off... [Frown] About 15 attached to him today.

I went ART testing about once every 3 weeks during my whole lyme treatment. Only recently I'm spacing about 6 weeks or more. I use two practioners, one closer to my place than the other.

In your place, I would read many of Gigi's posts to get help in case you get the harsh metal intoxication symptoms in between ART visits. I see the distance problem...

I would see the ART practioner before taking amalgams so that he prepares you with supps, and then ask him to have phone consultations just in case you feel reaction is too harsh... That's how I would do.

Good luck,
Posted by susan2health (Member # 10446) on :

I also am delighted with your success, and I read your posts with great interest.

Thanks for continueing to help the rest of us that don't have local ART/detox help.

I remember reading that cats can't get Lyme disease due to a unique chemical/enzyme situation.

I don't know if they can carry it without symptoms, like bartonella ("cat scratch disease").

It might have been a Marnie post. I can't remember for sure.
Posted by sweet pea (Member # 6495) on :

Thanks so much for posting all that info. I'm so glad you're doing better!

I hope you can figure out something for your cat...


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