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Posted by Kayda (Member # 10565) on :

Below is a quote from one of your posts. Do you know if Magnolia will kill Babesia?

>>>Another major contributor is poor sleep. The best thing hubby has found for sleep is Relora -- a proprietary compound of Magnolia and Philodendron which helps regulate cortisol. However, the magnolia can bring babesia out of hiding (used to treat malaria).

Bea Seibert
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
The answer is -- I don't know!!!!!

Do think it can help, but have no idea what dose or if it just aggravates the babs and makes it come out of hiding.

Magnolia is good for Lymies for several other reasons -- keeps more acetylcholine in the brain, is a very strong antioxidant which may actually stimulate regrowth of neurons, may also help with candida. Also helps regulate adrenal function and can improve sleep.

Hubby takes one capsule at night -- this brand

He took this for several months while off all antibioitcs -- had ulcers and back pain which we were trying to treat at the time. Was on low doses of some of the Buhner herbs. At that dose the magnolia seemed to keep the babesia symptoms from progressing -- just think it stabilized things.

Anyway, hubby had a paralytic ileus in January and it took about a month to get that resolved -- 2 hospitalizations and 7 ER visits. Stopped magnolia at that time as peristalsis was so messed up I wasn't sure if the magnolia was a good idea. Didn't think I should be messing around with acetylcholine at that time. While off magnolia Babesia symptoms became much much worse so obviously it was not gone.

Hubby went back on quinine about 6 weeks ago and I just restarted him on magnolia this week.

Was looking for some references for you and ran across a standardized product which I am thinking of ordering to try for hubby. See first site below.

Please post results if anyone else tries magnolia.

Bea Seibert

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