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how was it?
Posted by Virginia of Yore (Member # 3269) on :
Watch out for any tendon problems with Levaquin (or any of the other fluroquinoline class of drugs). Don't do anything strenuous. I was just clipping a few shrubs after a week of Levaquin and my elbow tendons were messed up for over a year from it. One journal report mentioned damage to tendons could occur even 6 mo. after the drug was stopped. (I was taking it for a lung infection, not lyme, in addition to my usual abx.)

I haven't had any problems with Omnicef. It's like an oral form of the IV Rocephin that some get, and has worked well for me overall, in combination with tinidazole and other abx like minocycline, zithromax, or biaxin.

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