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Posted by bubbalyme (Member # 11652) on :
Hi all,

What kinds of symptoms can I expect from babesia dieing off?

Posted by Leonard (Member # 10531) on :
Bad herxing, I hope, because I had some horrible herxes and I hope it was because the Bab junk was dying off.

Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Everyone is different, so you might not experience what the others did.

For me, babs herxing was the worst. And I did not expect it -- I had thought that one herxed only when killing Bb through antibiotics.

The babs herx felt basically like an intensification of any lyme symptoms that I had ever had. It started about a week after starting malarone, and it lasted for about two months.

I am still taking malarone after 3 months, but do not herx from it like I did the first two months anymore.
Posted by surg (Member # 6937) on :
Headache, upset stomach, GI symptoms, dizzyness, tingling in arms and legs, shortness of breath, rib pain, emotional weakness, anxiety, wavy vision, air hunger, neck pain, confused, fever, chills, sweats, massive fatigue, low body temp, nasaeu, nightmares, palpatating heart, and panic attacks. I think that's it! And then pretty soon you start feeling kinda of normal and you can get up and go places again and it's all worth it.
Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
Big time headaches. OUCH!!!!!
Posted by HEATHERKISS (Member # 6789) on :
I itch and burn. Also emotionally weak almost to panic attack level.
Posted by Healing in Santa Cruz (Member # 7798) on :
I am herxing as I write this. Symptions like surg plus burning down to the bone. I am sleeping pretty much 24/7 . Anew thing for me,but feels good. I am doing cryptolepsis. I did 3 rounds of Art. This is my 3rd round of crypto. Doing lower dose as Buhner suggestion was toooo much. I take a few days before full moon for 12 days. We are all so different. I love muscle testing and pendulum to get amounts and when to take. I hear Noni is good also, but have not looked into it or where to get it? That is,a good product. Scott????????? Blessings Joyce

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