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I am on Ceftin and Diflucan. Since I know I have coinfections but have yet to test positive, I found an old prescription for azithromycin and began it 2 days ago. If nothing else, I'm hoping it jolts my immune system into testing positive for whatever I have at my next appointment in August.

I only recently restarted the Ceftin and Diflucan. When I first restarted the Ceftin, my face - which had been breaking out horribly - cleared up almost instantly, and my sweats slowed some. My diarrhea also improved. After one week though - yellow bowel movements and all symptoms were back full force - sweats, diarrhea, acne, anxiety, insomnia, SEVERE photophobia.

Diflucan just makes me feel lousy - period. I don't feel worse initially and then better. I just feel increasingly worse on Diflucan. I'm sure I have candida, but I think the candida might be protective in some manner - just a theory.

Actually, yeast (Brewer's yeast anyway) is very nutritious. I wonder if that why we all grow yeast? I get horribly sick on Brewer's yeast though if I eat it.

Anyway, I recently found an old script for azithromycin from when I had to stop infusions of Rocephin way back when due to my unhappy liver. I restarted this one (azithromycin) 2 days ago. I actually sweat much less at night anyway, but the day sweats continue. But this is weird - mostly when the sun is out - from dawn to sunset. My diarrhea has cleared. My acne looks a little better again.

My anxiety and fogginess is way up though on this one. Same with my photophobia - even to the light in the bathroom at night. My kidneys seem to hurt on this one, too. I also notice my urine stream is much narrower, so I'm worrying about kidney stones/failure. I know my BUN was up there (though not failing yet) a year ago.

Could I just have systemic strep? Or do you think I have a coinfection and which one?

I actually was so brain-dead on this one after only 2 pills that I smashed my tail light pulling out of a parking space today. Then after a delay, I started shaking to the point that I couldn't even hold a piece of paper in my hand.

I used to do this in the past and just thought I was an especially nervous person. My school teachers used to feel bad that I got this way. I always got A's on like speeches though because my content was really good, I was well-prepared, and I tried so hard not to shake.

Not too long afterwards today, I was at an auto parts store, and I was going to ask my ex to take me to a junk yard for a new tail light, but I could not remember his home phone number. I also almost rear-ended somebody as soon as I left. I can't believe I was driving as long as I did for infusions - just like this. I used to rip Dr. S apart. I see Dr. F now though.

Please - what do I have? Any suggestions on how I can increase my likelihood of testing positive for coinfections?

My script was for 14 pills (and I have 2 refills on it). But I was only approved for 6 pills for each refill.

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