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Posted by schnuddelka (Member # 8031) on :
As if I thought it couldn't get worse, now my doctor says I have shingles. The treatment includes prednisone which I'm supposed to avoid at all cost according to my LLMD. Any suggestions, anyone?

My local GP really doesn't understand lyme, so this on top of it seems like too much to handle. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! [confused]
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
Microcurrent therapy is supposed to work well for shingles. I know of one person who had his case of shingles resolved quickly using this method.

You can find a practitioner in your area on the site below.

Also see the "Microcurrent for pain relief" thread.

Good Luck

D Bergy
Posted by schnuddelka (Member # 8031) on :
Thanks D Berge, I'll look more into that. [Wink]
Posted by Kayda (Member # 10565) on :
What about a script for the virus that causes shingles? THat's what the urgent care dr gave me.

When Lyme suppresses our immune system, other dormant infections like Shingles become active.

Posted by mjo (Member # 7876) on :
Someone much smarter than I am told me it was odd how few people with Lyme get shingles. But he also said he expects shingles to happen more with people who have Erlichiosis because of low white cell counts that infection causes.

I think this is right but I have a Lymebrain so you never know what I'll come up with. Some things feel like they come out of a creaky, spider web-covered desk drawer containing a moldy-smelling file.
Posted by lymednva (Member # 9098) on :
I have a friend who has "MS" (looks like Lyme to me!) and frequently gets shingles.

She found one connection was AFTER being on steroids for something else she developed shingles. I don't think she's ever been treated for shingles with steroids.

She has found that Valtrex knocks it out for her. It takes several weeks to get it gone, but she does recover with it.
Posted by Penn92 (Member # 9207) on :
Years ago when I had shingles the doctor gave me Zovirax and it helped immensely. I've heard you have to catch it in the first 48-72 hours for best relief. Check with your LLMD about your options, but I think drugs in the anti-viral class (like Zovirax) would be OK with Lyme. Time is of the essence, though, so you should hop to it!
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
Have you talked to your LLMD about shingles treatment? I would not go on steroids and would clear whatever treatment you are thinking of getting for shingles with your LLMD. Seems like most LLMD's know something about the viruses too since they are so common with lyme patients.

Posted by pamyla (Member # 8575) on :
I had a shingles outbreak a few months ago and my llmd gave me a prescription for acyclovir, which I still take. When it was in the active stage I also had acyclovir in cream form - I think zovirax (sp?) was the name brand.

Hope you feel better!

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