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Posted by shoney (Member # 9925) on :
Anyone hear of using bactrim for babesia? I did 1 month of mepron, 1 month of malarone, now my LLMD has me on bactrim and zith. No one seems to have heard of this combo, however, my LLMD says the sulfa drugs are effective once the initial load is down.

Any thoughts? My LLMD is Dr S-spoke at the Hope to Heal conference
Posted by buckfever (Member # 9876) on :
Hi Shony . My llmd has me on malarone & artimisinin for babs , and bactrim for lyme . We just talked about it at my last appt. I asked him if we were done with lyme treatment for now and treating only babs and he said the bactrum was hitting the lyme.
Posted by shoney (Member # 9925) on :
I know bactrim is good for lyme, I wonder if anyone is using it only for babs (with zith)
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
There is someone on here who used it for babesia, and had good results. I wanted to add it to my daughter's protocol, but my LLMD didn't want to add a third antibiotic.

Posted by shoney (Member # 9925) on :
Any idea who? Mybe they will respond
Posted by Penn92 (Member # 9207) on :
I'm taking artemisinin, Mepron, zith and bactrim right now for Lyme and babs, but I'm not sure what the purpose of the Bactrim is. Seems to be a popular combo, though.
Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi All

I have used Bactrim DS for Babs--
It worked Very Good--

I had taken 4 months of Mepron before
taking the Bactrim--

I had the worst Herx I have ever had
when starting Bactrim -- OuCH --
But was worth the pain --

I learned about Bactrim from a Long time
lymenet user -- Charlie --

Bactrim really hammers Babs and is
perty cheap also --Jay--
Posted by ElaineC (Member # 9857) on :
I'm a former patient of Dr.B, and I know he used to add on either Bactrim or Flagyl to the usual Babs regime of Mepron, Macrolide + Artemesia.

Also, at the Lyme Conference in UK at the weekend, he mentioned this again.

Savebabe ,I think, has posted about how adding it to the basic Babs refime has really helped. You could send savebabe a PM I guess.

Posted by stella marie (Member # 7216) on :
From what I understood, my doc states the bactrim also hits the bart.

My combo right now is mepron, doxy, bactrim, and tindamax.
Posted by shoney (Member # 9925) on :
Thanks everyone!

Groovy2-did you just use the bactrim, or were you on mepron and bactrim?
Posted by shoney (Member # 9925) on :
I'll make sure I take my B viamins, and eat stuff with more folic acid
Posted by CaliforniaLyme (Member # 7136) on :
I am SO allergic to sulfa but if there was ONE drug I COULD take it would be Bactrim!!!!!! but I can't!! I have seen quick remissions in longterm Lymies with it!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi Shoney

I took Bactrim after being on Mepron for
4 months-

I could not get anymore Mepron so I started
taking Bactrim --

It worked Perty Good -

Herx from HellO lasted 23 days-- OuCH
was worth it tho --

I think it would be OK to take with Mepron
but I am Not Sure -- Jay --
Posted by csperanza (Member # 9613) on :
My doc started me with Biaxin and Malarone, then when symptoms started creeping back switched the Biaxin to Bactrim. Just started it last week and it's knocking me out. Apparently they used to use sulfa drugs for malaria before the newer malaria drugs and babs is similar to malaria?
Posted by aiden424 (Member # 7633) on :
[QUOTE]Originally posted by CaliforniaLyme:
[QB] I am SO allergic to sulfa but if there was ONE drug I COULD take it would be Bactrim!!!!!!

Me too!! Head to toe huge hives from Bactrim. My lips got really big too and my eyes almost swelled shut.

Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hey Elaine

Do you have anymore details on using
Mepron with Bactrim and or Flagyl ?

Thanks-- Jay --
Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi All

I started taking Bactrim again to see if
it will clear this up more-

3rd dose and I am herxing Again--OuCH

It has been about a year sense the last
time I took Bactrim --

I guess there is still some bugs that
the Bactrim can get -- Jay --
Posted by ElaineC (Member # 9857) on :
Hey Jay,

Sorry to hear you are herxing so soon again on the Bactrim....but I guess that's's obviously hitting those bugs that are left!

Re your question, I just know that Dr.B says Bactrim and Flagyl may be useful add-ons to the basic Babs regime of Atovaquone+Macrolide+Art. At the recent conference he mentioned adding Bactrim 2-4 daily or Flagyl 750-1500mgs daily. He didn't elaborate too much on this, other than saying it can help hit the Babs harder.

Hope you see benefit from it soon!

Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
I took bactrim ds the second month into treating babesia for the first time.

I was on malarone (4 x a day), zithromax (600mg), and bactrim ds (1600mg a day).

I had night sweats the whole first month of malarone without bactrim.

Once adding the bactrim, I had night sweats for about 3 days then they stopped.

I am on my second round of babesia treatment.

No bactrim this time.

Had night sweats like crazy for about first 10 days of malarone.

Then it just stopped.

I still, however, sweat excessively during the day.

The bactrim was easy to take.


Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :

Thanks Elaine for the reply --

Yep I tend to get herxes in a day or
so when I change meds --

I am surprised a little because when I
stopped taking bactrim a year ago

I had mostly plateaued on the Good effects
of the Bactrim --

This herx so far is not near as bad as
the first time I took it --

Im glad DR B is is using 4 bactrim aday--

I was taking 6 DS aday --

I have been feeling Really good lately-

I will be really glad to fry the
last of these Bugs -- Jay --
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