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Posted by PortlandOregon (Member # 11484) on :
I was recently diagnosed with Lyme (got it in Wisconsin more than 3 yrs ago) and I have a one year old. I stopped nursing a few weeks ago so I could start 400mg of doxy.

My question is when and if I should get my child tested? I think some have suggested not to get him tested unless he shows symptoms. My worry is that if he does have it, wouldn't it be better to start treating before it manifests itself as pain?

Also, anyone know when my antibodies (from nursing) will be out of his system?

Thank you!

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Posted by PortlandOregon (Member # 11484) on :
My son has had blood drawn already 3 times (he was severely anemic) and had no problem with it so I'm not worried about that aspect.

The doctors I have spoken with, so far, are for testing him, but I'm just looking for some other opinions here. Thanks again!
Posted by tabbytamer (Member # 3159) on :
Sorry, don't know the answers to your questions.

Maybe you can find some answers here?:

Lyme in Pregnancy Yahoo Group
Posted by MagicAcorn (Member # 8786) on :
My opinions don't matter much anyway so I'll just erase it....good luck.
Posted by tabbytamer (Member # 3159) on :
Magic: Your opinions do matter. Please don't feel otherwise.

I also love the Super Squirrel [Cool]
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
Once I discovered that both myself and my husband had Lyme,

It seemed to make sense to get the children tested (4 and 5 yr olds).

They both were symptomatic and had Lyme positive bands.


Posted by butchieboo (Member # 12063) on :

I think these are questions you should ask your llmd.

There may be variables or extenuating circumstances involved with a nursing mom.

But, please have your child tested.

I know someone who had become paralized due to lyme disease.
The only thing took one heck of a long time to figure out what was wrong.

Treatment sent it in this person into remission for a long time. Something like 40 years. So, even if it's found and treated now.

Make sure your child is aware of this medical fact. It may or may not ever come up again. But, who knows.

I REALLY hate it when kids get this thing....but,by comparison, I hate it when anyone gets it.

No, I don't know what that means either....lyme brain this morning...I guess! LOL!

Kids may have an easier time of it due to their brand new immune systems and getting the bug in utero, possibly being a weaker strain.

Who knows. All we can do is hope.

Good luck and may God be with you all(or whatever supreme being you believe in).


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