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Posted by Al (Member # 9420) on :
Lyme disease effects on,

Organ systems:

Kenneth Liegner, MD, PC

* Central nervous system: Brain, brain stem, and spinal cord: meningitis; meningoencephalitis; meningoencephalomyelitis; myelopathies; transverse myelitis; hemiparesis; paraparesis; spastic para- and tetraparesis; motor neuron disease; extrapyramidal syndromes/choreiform syndromes; locked-in" state; coma; progressive leukoencephalopathies; multiple sclerosis-like syndromes; seizure disorders; cerebral atrophy; organic brain syndromes/dementia; encephalopathy; neuropsychiatric syndromes: psychoses; OCD; depression: mania; bipolar disorders; other psych. syndromes. Cranial nerve palsies involving any CN multiple CNS may be involved; radiculoneuritides; sciatica-like syndromes; neurogenic bladder

* Peripheral nervous system: peripheral neuropathies; motor/sensory/plexopathies; paresthesias/dysesthesia

* Autonomic nervous system dysfunction: cardiogenic syncope and vasodepressor syncope; abdominal bloating and abnormal peristalsis

* Auditory & vestibular apparatus: tinnitus; disturbances of balance; vertigo; hyperacusis; hearing loss

* Ocular: all levels, all structures of eye may be involved; conjunctivitis; keratitis; uveitis; optic neuritis; retinitis/retinal vasculitis; cataract formation; retrobulbar myositis; optic cortex cerebritis

* Musculoskeletal: arthralgia; arthritis/synmovitis; myositis/myopathy; painful myalgia/fibromyalgia-like syndrome; muscle fasciculation; fasciitis; enthesitis

* Genitourinary: neurogenic bladder; interstitial cystitis"; renal damage/glomerulonephritis? (Reported in dogs, so far cases in humans have not been reported)

* Endocrine: thyroiditis?; Effects on libido; central hypothalamic ?; orchitis; cyclic flare of symptoms temporally related to menstrual cycle in women.

* Cardiac: dysrhythmias; heart block; various types of extra-systoles; autonomic dysfunction: cardiogenic syncope, vasodepressor syncope; cardiomyopathy; congestive heart failure; myopericarditis

* Gastrointestinal: bloating; GERD?; Irritable bowel/colitic presentations?; Myoenteric autonomic dysfunction?; Abdominal pain/cramping esp. in children; Lyme hepatitis; Lyme enterocolitis?
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
al, great list of things! i learned a lot.

would you add where you got the list from and date it shows? thanks [group hug]

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Posted by Ruth Ruth (Member # 11059) on :
shopping list to self:
new one of each of above mentioned items.

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