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West Nile virus disease during pregnancy

In 2002, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases (DVBID) published the first report of intrauterine West Nile virus (WNV) transmission, in which the infant had congenital abnormalities This single case does not provide proof of a causal relationship between WNV infection during pregnancy and such abnormalities.

CDC is enhancing surveillance to learn more about intrauterine WNV transmission and birth outcomes. Healthcare providers and state and local health departments are encouraged to report cases of known or suspected WNV disease (WN meningoencephalitis or fever) during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who have physician-diagnosed WNV disease should encourage their physician to report their case to their state health department.

Health Care Providers: please report WNV disease cases during pregnancy to your state health department, who will report them to the CDC. If your patient has pregnancy-associated WNV disease and wishes to be part of a registry to track intrauterine infections and birth outcomes, your state health department can provide you with appropriate contact information. If, in the unfortunate event of miscarriage in your WNV-infected patient, products of conception are available, it would be important to store them frozen and notify your state WNV coordinator as soon as possible.

Note: Because local health professionals need to be involved in the evaluation, reports cannot be accepted directly from individual patients.

***** So I ask, why is Lyme surveillance NOT being studied for intrauterine Lyme transmission and birth outcomes??

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2005 US Lyme disease cases= 23,305

2005 US West Nile Virus cases = 3,000
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Originally posted by pineapple:
2005 US Lyme disease cases= 23,305

2005 US West Nile Virus cases = 3,000

'nuff said......We are invisible.
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