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Posted by Virginia of Yore (Member # 3269) on :
I had tinnitus early on with lyme, and some while treating it off & on over the years--mainly just at flares or herxes, rarely any now. Zithromax can cause some hearing loss in some people (listed in side effects). Mine was slightly affected while on that drug, but it gradually improved after switching to other meds.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
my tinnitus has lasted now for 3 years. i am sooo tired of this...

i don't think it will ever go away....
Posted by mjo (Member # 7876) on :
Randibear. I "hear" ya. Some days I don't think I can stand it another second. Been hearing all this stuff in my ears since 2001. Some day I'm gonna crack.

I was exposed to a lot of noise for several hours yesterday--raising money for Lyme causes--and one ear really, really hurt when I got home. Does anyone else experience pain from noise?

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