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Posted by disturbedme (Member # 12346) on :
Did anyone else have terrible muscle cramps before and/or while being treated? Or now?

Mine got better at one point during treatment, but they are back and seem, at times, to be worse than they ever were. And I'm getting them in new places.

I usually get muscle cramps in my arms, and upper legs. Now, I also get cramps in my calves. If I just tap my leg or arm, that brings on the cramps.

At one point, before I knew I had lyme, we thought it was my potassium levels which were slightly low. I took potassium and now that my levels are back up, I still have cramps. It had nothing to do with the potassium.

And is this a lyme or babs symptom or both?

Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
Hi. I had lots of muscle cramps prior to being put on magnesium by LLMD.

They came back while on rifampin.

I can tell when I need to adjust my magnesium dose.

I weigh 105lbs, but have been able to tolerate up to 5 or 6 magnesium supplements a day when needed.

I know when I take too much. It gives me very loose bowels.

Epson salt baths helped too with the cramping.


Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :
Originally posted by Geneal:


I would agree. [Smile]

Don't take within 2-3 hrs of oral meds. [shake]

Hope you feel better.

[group hug]

PS- Also make sure you are drinking enough water. I believe dehydration can cause spasms/cramps as well.
Posted by blazinglyme (Member # 13320) on :
Hi disturbedme,

I had nasty muscle cramps in the beginning of my lyme disease to where I couldn't walk. I got them in my lt arm, and any part of my legs and toes.

I still get them every so often and yes when I first start a new treatment.

In fact I couldn't sleep last night, bcause of my toes and calves cramping up. (alot of times due to chilly or cold weather)

When My toes cramp bad, this is going to sound weird or funny, but I get my son to work his majic on them and crack them. Boy that does help me alot!

Best wishes and I feel for u!

Posted by jamescase20 (Member # 14124) on :
I rub mag combo vitamins dissolved in warm water all over my body. Seems to help alot. I USED to get diah from mag combo...but after killing most of the lyme, I dont get diah from mag anymore. Strange.
Posted by Monica922 (Member # 13496) on :
I also had this more before I was diagnosed in the very beginning. Then I had other stuff..then the lovely burning. It is weird but it seems that as my burning muscles hurt more in my armms and legs? Nothing makes sense to me anymore [Smile]

Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :
Yes. Awful cramps in feet and calves. Magnesium cleared it right up.

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