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Posted by Aqua (Member # 13409) on :
I was wondering what antibiotics everyone is on. I am on 100mg of doxy twice a day. I was wondering if that's too low a dose.
I wanted to know if a combination of abx is better or a high dose of one type is better? Does everyone know which abx made them feel better or which one or onesmade you "better"?
Also, what additional treatment did you do? Artimesinin, Cat's Claw, hot baths, etc? Thanks.
Posted by Beverly (Member # 1271) on :
Hi Aqua,

For information on dosages, here is a link to DR. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines.

What combo works for one person may not work for another, my LLMD always told me *we have to find the right combo for you*. So it can vary.

I was on Doxy for a year then Minocin, then Zithromax and then I was put on Plaquenil, Malarone, and finally Bactrim. They all have helped, but the combo for Babesia helped me the most.

Diet is a big one, no sugar, no MSG's basically no junk and for me no gluten.

I have gotten some of my mercury fillings out(still working on this) and did some vitamin C IV's , it's all helped.

I also have had to heal my leaky gut another big one, it's been very slow, but better.
I take a lot of nutritional supplements, basic info on that is also in Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines.

I also take herbs, ones from Stephen Buhner's book, *Healing Lyme*

Hope this helps some.. [Wink]
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I am on high doses of several abx ... I agree that looking at the Dr. B guidelines is a good idea. My LLMD has the philosophy of hitting borrelia in all three forms at the same time in high doses of meds.

I also take FIR saunas, coffee enemas, and various herbs (mushrooms, artemisia, etc.).

I, too, have had my amalgams out and detoxed during/after. I did that back in 1991 and my undiagnoses Lyme went into remission for 12 years.

I follow a no sugar, no gluten, whole foods, no alcohol, no yeast, diet.

I exercise three or four times per week as I can. Mostly strength training, some cardio when I can.
Posted by Aqua (Member # 13409) on :
Thank you for your input. That link was very very helpful.

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