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Posted by fatigued15 (Member # 6437) on :
My 18 year old daughter has been very ill the last 2 days. She started on Zithromax and Minocycline about 5 weeks ago. Her white count is low(3.4) and has stopped her IV Claforan 5 days ago until the WBC is back up.

She is very weak, sensitive skin, "lungs feel weak" on and off, back ache, temperature has been up to 100. Today we noticed a pimple like rash on her abdomen and tonight she has 3 spots on her chest. The rash does not itch.

Can you get a rash with a herx? She has never had the chicken pox so I pray it is not that.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Posted by susiecv (Member # 9702) on :
Hi fatigued!
So sorry to hear about your daughter-Will PRAY it's not chicken pox at her age and with all she's already been through! My girls both had "the pox" at young ages & it did start with one spot on the belly. But they itched like mad!

Does her LLMD think it could it be an allergic reaction to the abx?

Hope it blows over quickly! Tell her I said to hang in there!
BTW-it really was nice to meet you face-to-face [Smile]
Posted by fatigued15 (Member # 6437) on :
Thanks Sue. She has the chicken pox. I knew that was it but I took her to her pediatrician this morning. I will call Dr. J in the morning. Her pediatrician advised not to use her mediport until the pox around it are healed. She doesn't need this right now. I pray it doesn't make her crash.

It was nice to meet you to. Liz enjoyed the group. Not sure if we will be here for the next one. We have to see Dr. J the day after the meeting.
Posted by Skyler (Member # 11549) on :
I found this post because I was looking up rash. What your daughter experienced is very much what I am dealing with right now.

I have been dealing with extremely intense back pain, fevers from 100-103 degrees, dizzieness, head pressure and now I have a patch of red dots on my stomach. Usually my herxs are joint pain,neck pain and low grade fevers, but nothing like what I am going through now with these new symptoms.

Does anyone know what this might be?

I really hope your daughter is feeling better!

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