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Posted by cjnelson (Member # 12928) on :
Am starting with a new dr. He has some other modalities of treatment, some I have heard about here and elsewhere, others I have not.

One being Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatments. He is recommending doing them in conjuction with my IV Rocephin.


Also he offers they Oxygen "tank" and the infared sauna.

Any experiences most appreciated!!!! It seems all so confusing!
Posted by CaliforniaLyme (Member # 7136) on :
Oxygen therapy can really help some people and I have never heard of it making anyone worse- so if you have the $ (can be expesnive) there is no downside that I can see-

Sauna is nice regardless of illness-

With hydrogen peroxide there has been associated mortality because it can have bad side effects including hemolytic crises and some associated death erports so be careful if you choose to do that path. That said, I know many Lymies who have done hydrogen peroxide without incident- however there is risk. There is also, of roucse, risk with any kind of IV.

IV Rocephin saved my life, 9 months of it.
IV Roicephin is one of a few things I see that can put longterm chronics into full remission-
I hope you are one of them!!! There is also IM Rocephin and IM BIcillin as options that are more powerful than most orals with less risk than IV.

Sounds like you have a good LLMD*!))*!!
Best wishes,
Posted by susan2health (Member # 10446) on :
A friend that spent alot of money/trips to a clinic said HP IV's and colloidal silver IV's did more for her than everything else put together.

P.S. I've heard that there are risks, but I don't know about that. Haven't done it.
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
Hubby did many hydrogen peroxide IV's before trying antibiotics. Unfortunately, they did very little for his symptoms.

In my opinion, from seeing many chronic fatique patients respond to the hydrogen peroxide IV's, I personally think that they are more effective against viruses than bacteria. Do not feel they can kill Lyme or Babesia or Bartonella. Can be helpful for candida though.

Hubby used IV Vitamin C drips in conjunction with IV Rocephin.

Bea Seibert
Posted by MKP (Member # 12544) on :
Yes, I did hydrogen peroxide IV's weekly for about 6 months, they were very helpful. I found that the hp in saline base was better for me than in dextrose base, if you have the option. I have been off abx for over a year now, the IV's were part of the reason for that. Have someone drive you the first time just in case it makes you really wiped out. I started to herx right away the first time, couldn't drive home but felt FABULOUS the next day. It made my skin look really good too. Bonus [Smile]

I have an infrared sauna, I love it. The whole family uses it, it's been great. We've had it for over a year and still using it regularly.
Posted by MKP (Member # 12544) on :
Thought I might elaborate more for anyone who is interested. Here is why hp IV's are so effective...

Lyme is anaerobic, humans are aerobic. Meaning we thrive when exposed to oxygen and lyme gets weak when exposed to oxygen. When you put hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into your blood, it binds to cells in your blood and the composition changes to water (H2O) plus one free oxygen molecule (the remaining O...H2O2 = H2O which is water + O which is one oxygen) This means that your body gets very hydrated from the water and also flooded with loose oxygen molecules. This helps you and hurts lyme simultaneously. It also kills candida and other anaerobic microbes and pathogens. It's a wonderful thing.

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