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Posted by monkeyshines (Member # 6406) on :
I feel just the way I did before I developed c. diff colitis and ended up hospitalized for five days. My symptoms are below, in case you want to read that far!

Does anyone know how to prevent a recurrence, even if it seems to have 'started' already? I'm taking Saccharomyces Boulardii, which I've been taking (just not with great regularity) since having c. diff in April and stopping rocephin then. I'm taking it twice a day without fail now and have been for the past two weeks.

I'm not on any abx and haven't been since the hospitalization -- too scared!

I really can't deal with this happening again. I'm not scheduled to see my LLMD til January, and don't know if I should wait it out and see if things get better, or call the LLMD, or call the Gastro, or what.

I'm under a ton of stress trying to hang onto my full-time job and not give in to disability. Could that be the cause?

Symptoms: nausea for hours after bowel movements; going multiple times a day (4-5), long thin stools, general pain and cramping in lower abdomen. I had this for some time before, and it eventually developed into full-blown diarrhea that sent me to the hospital.


Posted by hanginginthere (Member # 11685) on :
I hope you're not headed back there again. I've been there too(of course, I wish I hadn't [Wink] ) It could just be stress or a slight touch of a GI bug!

Having had a couple bouts of refractory c. diff--I've come up with a plan that so far (seven months back on antibiotics and counting) is keeping it at bay.

-Theralac--one twice a day.

-S. boulardii w/FOS (it's good you're already taking it!) I take one twice a day.

-Culturelle (lactobacillus GG)--one twice a day

-MegaFlora by MegaFoods(a good mix of lots of strains)--two in morning and one before bed

-Arabinogalactin (I use one Nature's Plus RX Immune/day) & freshly ground flax seeds--these help provide a welcome habitat for the good bacteria to settle & populate [Smile]

I take the probiotics RELIGIOUSLY and on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and wait at least 30 minutes before eating. The second dose is before bed.

My LLMD also suggest diflucan, nystatin and a strict sugar free diet. He says it helps his patients not get the c.diff.

I'm really hoping you are just experiencing a false alarm! If you get worse or want reassurance, three negative stool culture tests in a row can assure you you're alright! [group hug]
Posted by monkeyshines (Member # 6406) on :
hangingin, thank you SO MUCH. I feel a lot better having a plan to follow. I'm going to find everything you mentioned today and start this protocol asap.

I must admit, I've been feeling kind of hopeless, and have been having trouble being fully compliant re: meds and supplements. But this I will do.

The sugar free diet -- I'm going to try. Part of my problem right now is depression (lack of progress after years of physically tough and financially draining treatment, and now what looks like yet another battle with my insurance company, this time over a LOT of $$$ for the round of rocephin that caused the c. diff!) = wanting to come home after each exhausting and painful day at work and eat comfort food. I know I just need to try harder.

Many thanks for the info and support!


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