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Posted by tickalert (Member # 7033) on :
I picked up some sort of parasite when out of the country in the Carribean a while back. My doc ran stool samples which of course were negative.

Recently I was treated with Cipro and felt really good. A few days after going off Cipro, my symptoms returned which of course means I have some sort of parasite that's not being killed.

I started taking Humaworm about 1 1/2 weeks ago. My doctors now refuse to give me abx because they said nothing is coming up positive even though I know I have something if symptoms have returned.

Any thoughts on how to proceed? BTW, I have some Flagyl from a while back that I've highly considered using to kill off this nasty parasite.
Posted by Patrick (Member # 8108) on :
I have had to deal with a Giardia infection a couple of times and the Flagyl has always worked on it. Flagyl is intended for intestinal parasites so I'd give it a try if I were in your shoes.
Posted by tailz (Member # 10014) on :
I'm supposed to be taking Cipro, but I won't even get my 4 hours of sleep on it - the anxiety is unbearable.

Metronidazole seems to be doing more for me than Cipro anyway - that and Mastic Gum. Mastic Gum kills h-pylori, and you don't have to rely on docs for antibiotics - my ultimate goal.

I'm also taking artemisinin and quinine powder for babesia.

I don't know how I will ever afford these supplements long term, but I'm going to start playing the lottery as soon as we have some more magnetic storms.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
The SAME thing happened to me ... felt GREAT on Cipro for a bacterial overgrowth (klebsiella and citrobacter) in my intestine .... then got off it and declined.

Took 3 months of Levaquin and saw tremendous improvement. I'm doing about 90% now! Currently I am taking Rifampin (among other things) so that we're still treating any leftover bart.

ALL my GI issues have resolved with Bart treatment! And my GI issues were MAJOR and included severe gluten intolerance, which is now gone! As is my shellfish allergy!

The Humaworm should get the parasites .... it got rid of a tapeworm for me!
Posted by tickalert (Member # 7033) on :
I don't see my LLMD for 6 weeks. My general doc doesn't think it's the parasite and refuses to give me any more abx. She did switch me to Flagyl which did make me herx and feel worse which probable means I'm on the right track.

I've taking Humaworm for 2 weeks and am still passing weird things. I thought I read that all parasites were killed in a week and the eggs took another 3 unless my lyme brain read it wrong.

Any one have any ideas?
Posted by tickalert (Member # 7033) on :
Up anyone?
Posted by AlisonP (Member # 7771) on :
Hi Tickalert,

It can take longer than a few weeks to get rid of parasites. The Humaworm guy says that it might take a few rounds of Humaworm (spaced 90 days apart so resistance doesn't build up) to rid oneself of parasite infestation.

Most doctors don't know how prevalent parasites are in the body. I have seen statistics stating that up to 90 percent of people are infected.

I've done several rounds of parasite cleansing and I am still getting rid of the critters.


Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I'm not doubting that you have parasites, many of us do .... but what about bartonella?

I had parasites .... but I also had bart and that's why I felt better on the Cipro ... when I treated the bart, all my GI issues cleared.
Posted by tickalert (Member # 7033) on :
I tested negative for bart of course that means nothing. Yes I agree it could be however getting Cipro prescribed is another issue. No docs want to give me any more abx. I think it's a combination of things. As we all know it's never one thing with lyme.
Posted by James H (Member # 6380) on :
I recently found I had Strongyloides stercoralis, a tiny intestinal worm that is common in many areas and indigenous in much of the Carribean. They are also common in warmer parts of the US, and can infect you through your skin if you come in contact with infected soil.

While they are considered an intestinal parasite, the larval forms migrate from your intestines into your blood stream and find their way into your lungs. There they cause a persistant cough and get swallowed again, repeating the cycle. I found them in my lungs and sinuses.

They also carry alot of intestinal bacteria with them into the blood. For that reason antibiotics can make you feel better, but it comes back once the antibiotics are gone.

Look them up on Google. Strongyloides (the worm)or Strongyloidiasis (the disease they cause.)

You don't need a lab to check for them, just a simple low power microscope with about a 10x objective. A child's toy one will even work. They are clear and colorless, very thin with pointly ends, and 1 to 5 mm long. They look very wormlike. You can find photos on google to compare with.

They could be found in a stool sample with some effort, but distinguishing them from all the other ...uh... stuff might be a problem. If you find them in sputum or sinus drainage they are easier to spot. They are really easy to see.

If you happen to find some, the only thing I know of that gets rid of them is Ivermectin. I don't know whether Humaworm would have any effect. Antibiotics would definitely not do any good. An informed physician should be able to prescribe it.

Anyone who has these and gets rid of them will feel alot better.

Ivermectin actuualy gets rid of it, as in 'gone'.

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