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Posted by Visual Afterimage Man (Member # 10435) on :
Hey guys,

I just finished a sleep study last night. Not to my surprise, I didn't get a very good night's sleep while wearing enough wires to pick up a radio station in Tokyo. But I did sleep more than 4 hours so hopefully thats enough information for them to diagnose any issues that might be present.

See I've been in Lyme Treamtment for 14 months now, and have improved to the point where I think I'm done improving.

I have treated for Bart, Babs and finishing up treatment for Lyme with pulses of Flagyl. (Flagyl hurts an already depressed person!!)

The majority of my remaining symptoms (feeling like I'm on autopilot, having no sense of what day it is, trouble with memory of non-essential information like, did it snow last night, anxiety and depression) seem mostly related around my fatigue.

The sleep study was conducted to determine if why I have stopped responding to lyme treatment has to do with a sleep disorder that Lyme has created. The idea is that if we can get me to sleep well, then my body will right itself since my bug load is significantly lower than it was a year ago.

The doc I see is a strong beliver in the CD57 marker, and he's pleased with how my number has steadily increased over time. So much now, that he thinks that we need to move away from Lyme treatment and move towards the depression and sleep treatment.

A bit anxious to find out what the study reveals. I'm sure many of you have gone down this road. Care to share any stories?
Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :
Yo Visual Guy!

How's those after-images?

I got nuthin' -- never had a sleep study. I sleep like the dead, and take Provigil to ensure I don't do it while driving.

Glad your CD57 is coming up, though. And glad you roughed it thru the Flagyl he11. Did you feel you gained any ground a'tall from that dark time?

A cyber-Happy New Year hug. 2008 will be LOTS better!

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

they didn't tell you anything about your sleep process afterwards by the techs? mine did! they told me i had sleep apnea.

also i'd have to come 1 more night and be fitted with CPAP with them adjusting the numbers during the night to get me the best i could.

then sleep supr. charged another $500 to explain the results to me/hubby!

friend gave me her hubby's cpap machine since he'd died year prior. i just have to buy new mask and tubing. it wasn't working with a darn!

i plug up all night long; full face mask didn't help and air kept coming out the side of mask...NOISY!


but for me, the air which was supposed to be WARM, WAS ICE COLD LIKE 32 DEGREES! i tried for 1 month and then took it back before the next payment was due!

so many things to work out. do a search on sleep problems; last week someone gave me some excellent new advise;; CAN'T REMEMBER WHO!

good luck! [group hug]
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
I had a sleep study before Lyme. I swear it was absolute torture!!!

I ended up having Sleep apnea and supposed to wear CPAP... I have blow it off a bit, but intend on trying to get it soon

Good luck..

Posted by Visual Afterimage Man (Member # 10435) on :
My study was a split night study. Meaning, that if I had an apnea event, they would do the second half of the night with a cpap on.

I made it to 6am witout the cpap so I guess that means I didn't have an apnea event.

I'm wondering what else they might find. I just feel like if I could sleep well, then many of these things might correct themselves.

I'm so sleepy and my vision is blurred like I've been up all night long reading. It never changes!

Still waiting to hear the results.

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