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Posted by Clarissa (Member # 4715) on :
Does Rifampin hit both co-infections? I know Doxy is the main choice for Ehrlichia.

Just curious because a family member just tested positive for both infections. It would be nice to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Thanks, in advance, for any input.
Posted by lymebytes (Member # 11830) on :
Yes Rifampin is used for Bart and Ehrlichia. Just yesterday I talked with my LLMD about my Bart and Ehrlichia.

For me Biaxin "cured" the Bart, I stayed on it one year, he hoped and thought it would also get the Ehrlichia. He is always surprising and arguably unconventional (maybe ahead of others) in his choices for treatments. He (he is well known ILADS LLMD)said Doxy is ok for Ehrlichia if caught early and even one strain of Bart. According to him the best for Ehrlichia/Bart is Flagyl w/Azithro.

I am pretty sure Levaquin hits both, Bartonella for sure.

Hopefully it will hit 2 birds w/one stone, but I have found Bart takes more time and reoccur and possibly several tries with other abx.
Posted by Clarissa (Member # 4715) on :
Thanks so much for the information. I was on the Biaxin/Plaquenil combo when treating Lyme 4 years ago but haven't heard it mentioned for treating Bart, as well.

Good to know...
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
It probably varies based on which bart you have .... Biaxin didn't touch my bart ... I got better on Levaquin after 9 months of Biaxin.
Posted by Andie333 (Member # 7370) on :
Rifampin has really helped my bart symptoms.

I know it can be a rough abx, but I've made a lot of progress taking it.
Posted by Clarissa (Member # 4715) on :
Yes, Andie, I agree, Rifampin is a rough drug. As of this week, I'm up to 1200mg 4 days a week:

Herxing bigtime...mostly very anxious and
agitated with some tremors, numbing limbs, and depression. (The other days 750mg zithro).

I'm deeply grateful for all of your feedback!

Andie: SO glad to hear it helped you. How high a does were/are you on and for how long?

Thanks, in advance, for any thoughts!

Posted by Dave6002 (Member # 9064) on :
I recently up Rifampin to 900mg per day and seen great improvement, mainly on sleep, 6-7 hours straight.
Posted by Clarissa (Member # 4715) on :
That's awesome, Dave! Thanks for your input.

I'm almost 2 mos on Rifampin for Bart and it's been herx after herx.

Upping my Rifampin (per Doc's instructions) to 1200mg caused a HUGE herx this morning and I, literally, felt CRAZY. I took a bath and a nap and it seems to have passed...for now... and there seems to be some "clearing" in my head. (sigh)

What a hellish roller coaster this Bart herxing is!
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on : doctor does not want me to take more than 600mg/rifampin per day. Interesting to hear that others are on higher dosages.

For anyone on over 600mg/rifampin daily -- do you think that the higher dosage made a difference for you?

Posted by Clarissa (Member # 4715) on :

My LLMD started me on 900 mg from the get-go. Then, as I mentioned, after almost 2mos, he pushed me up to 1200 mg.

I can't tell you the outcome until I get through this but I can tell you that even just 300mg more gave me a huge herx and then a head clearing.

Hopefully others will respond, too!

Good Luck with your treatment.

Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I'm only on 600 per day .... but this is after a 3 month course of Levaquin.

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