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Posted by Alias24 (Member # 9365) on :
Anyone go to Envita for Lyme treatment or know anyone who has been there?

They do a two hour assessment with a team and then determine your course of treatment. The lady I spoke to said typical treatment is 4 to 6 weeks.

She said the doctor in the video had Lyme.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
never heard of it; did you read each page they have there online? skimmed most of them, and found us!!

Are your services covered by healthcare insurance?

The therapies and treatments provided by Envita are considered elective care and, therefore, are not covered by healthcare insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance programs.

Are your services covered under Medicare?

At this time, our complementary medicine and supportive care services are not included in the Medicare program.

Envita's Comprehensive FAQ | Red Flags for Patient Awareness and Safety

If you have more questions, feel free to call us toll-free at 866-830-4576 to find out more information!

have all your questions together and give them a FREE CALL!

just know what you are getting into! since it is ALL OUT OF POCKET! [Wink]
Posted by jameskirtensthethird (Member # 43950) on :
No red flags at all. Great place to get treatment - I should know because I was treated for Lyme disease there. Great staff, great doctors - and better yet - I am finally rid of Lyme disease thanks to biofilm treatment and immunotherapy.
Posted by hadlyme (Member # 6364) on :
Ask a lot of lymie's from AZ what they think of Envita.
I used to be a board director of the Phoenix Lyme support group, but moved.
Look up the AZ lyme group on Yahoo and ask them.
We had plenty of sick members come to meetings that had gone there.
I don't want to say in here what they talked of.

One thing I'll say is that it's horribly expensive. No insurance pays for it. If one has thousands laying around to try a treatment that hasn't worked on the dr. that has lyme, be my guest.

Going on what dozens of former patients have stated at meetings. Glad to see one person had a positive story. First one I've heard. Kudos.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Any particular reason we are bringing up a 6 year old post about a certain "treatment center?"
Posted by Blackstone (Member # 9453) on :
I personally do not feel that any of the so-called "centers" offer anything that could not be attained from a reputable ILADS LLMD or therapy-specific specialist at lesser cost. (Though to be honest, I still feel that many LLMDs also charge way too much or fail to take insurance and thus add a considerable hardship to patients.) Note: I should mention this is all with centers in the US in mind - those that exist in Europe for instance I've heard to be considerably different.

The vast majority of those that I've contacted, read their literature etc.. over the past decade seem to have a handful of similarities: exorbitant prices being the the most prominent, along with untenable practices that are questionable at best. This is not to say some of them aren't built upon a grain or two of decent research that the more reputable parts of the community have been working upon, but the prices and the shallow application thereof is worrisome in my experience.

I've talked to far too many patients who have come out $30,000+ poorer with little improvement after ending up in these centers, be they admitted for Lyme or another chronic illness. In many cases I feel these places are predatory and take advantage of desperation to get well. Before even considering a place like this, give them a call and see if they'll speak with you or better yet, any current LLMD or practitioner you're currently seeing. Ask about the particulars and protocols involved. If they evade a lot of questions, refuse to discuss the particulars, or use "customization/personalization" as a way to not even discuss hypotheticals etc... those are many red-flags.

Skepticism is definitely warranted with these sort of places. At best they tend to be a "boutique" experience under one roof with a boutique price, at worst they can be a way to overcharge patients desperate to feel better.
Posted by jameskirtensthethird (Member # 43950) on :
Ok first of all - it costs money to provide these treatments because they are not recognized by the FDA. In order to get drug tests through you have to pay millions of dollars - doesn't mean it's good - just means you are rich enough to pass a drug trial through. So that's the reason you can't use insurance - does not mean that the treatment is not good. Look, I got treated and I am feeling like the old me. I can find 12 other people that were getting treated and improving as well - so that refutes that little factoid about the so called "meetings". Fact is, many other doctors are jealous/uninformed and what do you do when you are jealous - you talk ill about the person you are jealous of.
Posted by Looking (Member # 13600) on :
For anyone wondering about Envita:

This group has discussed the pros and cons of Envita from people who have been there. Have a look if you like:
Posted by jameskirtensthethird (Member # 43950) on :
Ok so I took a look at that review and half is positive, half is negative and there are a few plugs for different places. Bottom line, bloggers are negative most of the time. If you really want to find out about something - go see the clinic.
Posted by hadlyme (Member # 6364) on :
James, It seems pretty weird that your only posts in here are about Envita. Do you work there too? What connection do you have with them?

Just seems a bit weird with your posts, and yes, such an old post that you brought up for your first posting.

If I'm wrong, excuse me. But, patient beware, do your homework on this clinic before spending a fortune. And YES.... do go to the AZ lyme forum and ask locals about this place. Word of mouth is the best referral.

Glad you're feeling better james.... but do question your intentions here.
Posted by hopingandpraying (Member # 9256) on :
Here is a link for previous discussions on Lymenet about Envita:;f=1;t=127379;p=0#000000

I think poster "springshowers" went there. PM her to get more information.

Check the online state Lyme groups at:

Maybe they can help you.

Some more resources for you (including Support Groups):
Posted by jameskirtensthethird (Member # 43950) on :
I just feel strongly about this place because they really helped me. My advice to you - go see the clinic.
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
Yes this clinic helped me go from bedridden to 50 percent.
Not a cure all in my case but I was very chonic and been ill for a long time and also have other various issues from long standing illness and infections and toxin and biofilm build up from many years un treated.

I am grateful and have no regret going there at all.

They supposed me months there after with home care and continued IV treatment even after I no longer could afford the in clinic intensive therapy after a few months

If I was diagnosed earlier I think it could have bee a bigger
Success but key us to participate in all the homework of diet and detox and supplements and lifestyle.

I also found out soon therafter I was trying to get well in a mold contaminated home and environment.

After treating for me detox has been key to clear
My history as well as intense therapy

Also I am finding out that I have CCSVI that is
Quite stubborn and from my msny years too

I am much better and without Envita I may not have dug my way out of the hole and bedridden state and downward spiral.

I would go again if I could afford it. Yes its expensive.
I went into debt and I though did not care at the time because
Was ready to just die

I was that bad off.

For what its worth.

No one though should expect in six weeks or three months to be cured and that goes for any doctor or clinic.

But it can boost you want forward to get ahold on it and your health.

Just my opinion and experience.

Dr P the owner is very smart man.
He treats cancer and is very versed in Lyme too
I believe he no longer is seeing physician for patients of Lyme
But I would try to talk to him directly if you do call.
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
My insurance paid for doctor visits and all medication
Also port or pic line and all nursing in clinic and at home
So all IV therapy with abx was covered

This helped me afford any other things I wanted to add

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