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Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
I was wondering if anyone here knows if vicodin can affect the eyes? Ive tried looking for articles and I cant find anything. Plus, I cant stay on the computer too long to really look. Any ideas? Im just wondering if some of the eye pain could be coming from the vicodin.

I see the opthalmoligst again on Wednesday. I had prisms put in my glasses but they don't help all that much. They do a bit but I think there need to be other changes. My eyes still hurt,blurred and pins and needle feelings in my eyes. Grrrr!!!

Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
I also wanted to mention I only take the vicodin at bedtime but I have been on it for a few months now.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
I'm not a expert on vicodin and it causing vision problems. Can't answer that question. Sorry.

But I am an old pro at lyme & company causing vision changes and problems with the eyes.

Posted by IMHisda (Member # 6998) on :

I used to work with people that were visually impaired nad I've never heard of Vicodin being a factor into their blindness/vision disorder. Long term cyclines can be bad however I heard from a coworker that had researched it since she know I was on Doxycycline she let me know. I take Vicodin and think the problems I have are from the Lyme more (pain around/behind eyes, photosensitivity, seeing 2d things as 3d or feeling like one eye is bashed into my face and the other normal).
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I've been taking Vicodin for many years & I don't think it has caused any eye issues for me.

If anything, it's the Lyme...

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