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Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
It's so bizarre--it's like in the past few days my initial

emotional reaction to everything has been one of mild anger. It's

sort of analogous to "mental intention tremor" those

with brain fog experience upon initiating a thought process;

after the reaction occurs I can't really

feel anything in response

to whatever the stimulus was. I can still act as I normally

would in response,

but the actions often have no organic emotional basis.

Has anyone had success alleviating this symptom with

antideps? I'll try anything at this point--Lyme just

reached a whole new level of suckiness for me.

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Posted by justag (Member # 11145) on :
With so much abx "attacking" our body, try to meditate instead of using anti-depressant and help of that sort...

Brain fog was the reason for me to go with IV abx, and I was waiting for a moment when I suddenly feel clear headed so that I can function well or even excel at work. However, I've "waited" for about two months now, and besides brain fog, I began to have more obvious anxiety, cold hands, depression, fatigue and stiff neck, and night sweats again (not drenching soaking wet this time, thank God)! Either herx, or abx's side effects, but PAINFUL indeed.

I'm not a spiritual person, and I tried to pray as much as I could, but still, I seemed to run downhill. I keep wondering, though, how much a role does our spirit play in battling this disease?! We often hear up-lifting stories about strong personilities which helped conqure distresses and diseases and create miracles, can we be strong and stronger and see miracles in ourselves?

Positive thinking alone might not work for us lymies, but instead of WAITING for the moment when my brain finally runs clear, this morning I decided to repeat to myself whenever I can "I'm smart, I'm radiant , I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm strong..."

Call me superstatious, I think it's working, it's attracting the more positive energy around me and rearranging the universe to work for me (erh, "the secret" - laws of attraction has such quotes).

Don't call me psyco for trying to utilize "the secret", but I also want to try anything that I can to make myself feel less depressed and more clear-headed. And it's working today (knock on wood and thank God) [group hug]
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Seems to me that anger is a natural reaction to having an illness like Lyme and alot of other things going on in the world. I've heard that anger turned inward is the cause of depression. Maybe it's good to get it out & experience it? I'm not sure what you can do to release the anger is a "positive" way... Maybe try a punching bag or breaking some glass bottles. I had a friend who used to do that before they started distributing anti-depressants to practically everyone.

Meditation (and medication for that matter) is/are good but it may just be putting a band aid on it. I think it's important to acknowledge what the cause of the anger is & address it (if possible).
Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
Oh no--this definitely isn't a normal thing. I've lived

through my fare share of trauma and depression and never dealt

with anything like this before.

It's more like an "emotional hiccup" that occurs regardless of what

I'm being stimulated by.
Posted by hostbody (Member # 12695) on :
If you ask my daughter what I was like last year and the year before.....well I can't type what she would say on this site! [Big Grin]

Yes, anger reared it's ugly head. Whether a directly from Lyme, or an emotional by product of everything we go through with this illness, I just don't know.

Also, one of the Lyme symptoms on my LLMD's list is mood swings.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
I am fairly certain that chronic inflammation causes these emotional episodes.

Fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, all have depression and hostile behavioral associated with them. Doctors refer to them as MS personality, Crohn's personality, etc.

The one thing all of these diseases have in common besides the mental aspect is chronic inflammation.

When the body's immune system is in high gear it causes some brain damage due to inflammation. Under normal conditions the inflammation is short lived and after the threat is gone the brain repairs itself. With chronic inflammation the damage is ongoing without the benefit of proper repair.

If you want to address the problem, address the inflammation. Of course the real problem is the infection of bacteria, but while you may not be able to rid yourself of the bacteria, you can address the inflammation.

I have Crohn's disease and had depression on and off since I was a teenager. I am forty six now. Large amounts of natural antiinflammatory supplements brought both my Crohn's and my depression under control. Since then I have addressed the cause using various methods.

No real rage for me, but dysfunctional for sure due to the depression. When my wife's Lyme disease was at its worst, I saw a person that did not exist before that moment. She would become an emotional wreck out of the blue. She now is stable but not cured, yet.

Chronic inflammation from any disease, inoculation, toxin, pathogen has the capability of doing this to anyone.

This is my personal view based on investigating these various yet related diseases. Look into it and I think you will agree.

D Bergy
Posted by Cass A (Member # 11134) on :
Dear Adamm,

I'd recommend B vitamins and B1. This could definitely be part of the disease, but anti-depressants can have horrible side effects.

Diseases and drugs and medicines ALL eat up the B vitamins, B1 in particular.

This won't treat the underlying infection, but won't give you more drug adverse events.


Cass A
Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
WAit, D Bergy--

is the damage permanent? My LLMD said that was rare with Lyme...
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
I am sure there are a thousand variables that would determine that. The level of inflammation, length of time, age of the person all would come in to play.

The body is real good at repair so I think for most people it would not be a problem and temporary. I think it is important to keep it to a minimum as in the case of Lyme, as it is not productive as with more normal pathogens.

Low grade inflammation is indicated in heart disease also.

I used 2000mg of Turmeric and Ginger daily to get my inflammation down. Since I have an inflammatory disease, it was quite easy to tell when it was working. I did not skip often or I sometimes paid a price.

D Bergy
Posted by Just Julie (Member # 1119) on :
Are you taking Flagyl? It is well known to cause anger type symptoms, it did with me as well.

About 2 months into taking it, I noticed a distinct difference in my affect. I did not piece together the flagyl being the cause of this, but when I searched posts here on the board, did note that it is indeed a common "side effect" of this abx . . . just a thought. Helps to be able to put a cause to an effect somtimes.
Posted by DakotasMom01 (Member # 14141) on :
Hi Adamm,

I was on antid's for close to 10 yrs for fibro, pre Lyme dx.I wasn't depressed to start with, just alot of pain and sleep issues.

Supposidly to help with pain, depression and sleep issues. They didn't do much for me. Besides make me gain alot of weight.

I'd tell the dr, they weren't doing anything and he'd increase the dose Or he'd want to add another one.

I found myself thinking alot of morbid thoughts,then I got really depressed and more angry.

Finances were another consideration for me. one month of cymb was close to $400. at 60mgs. Plus 2 other meds.

I weaned myself off them and haven't looked back. Music, journaling to get it out, aromatherapy, meditation,hobbies,some exersise,the right dx, etc.... has helped me more than the pills did. I think the abx/ treatment has done wonders for me, the last two yrs.

Keep in mind that we are all different, our lives and situations are different. Some people they work for and others they don't.
Just sharing my experiance with them.
Posted by onthemend (Member # 13454) on :
I've had this, Adam, and it is difficult to deal with. Unfortunately I've 'coped' by pulling back a lot, just to keep from offending people with my over- or off-reactions. I was very even tempered and sunny side up before, so this is a striking difference for me.

Although I've certainly had anger at my health situation, what you describe is not the same thing. Even when my weird, unwarranted anger isn't there, there is a constant low-grade irritability which is totally uncharacteristic. Again, I really experience this as a mental issue, NOT a RESPONSE to my Lyme, or chronic pain, or anything, because I do get those feelings too, and am able to recognize them for what they are.

Since treatment (a little over one year now) I have had a few a.m.s where I actually woke up HAPPY (my previous steady state)and from time to time I can tell my true personality is beginning to re-emerge. For me, I believe what I would call my 'mood disorder' problem, is a chemical/physiological-caused byproduct of my Lyme. I do have brain lesions, so - who knows?

I took Effexor for about 6 months early in this process and found it to be ineffective and actually detrimental in terms of mood. Someone mentioned same above - Dakota's mom? I am sure this is all very individual, and I know anti-depressants can be highly effective life-savers for many. For me, they didn't work out.

Try to roll with it a little bit, Adam. I'm 48 years old with a young child and a lot of responsibilities. This whole ordeal is taking a lot from me. But I have to accept it in order to get through without causing even more collateral damage.

It is amazing what this illness can cause, and always helpful to know that as weird as it all is, you are not alone. I hope this troublesome aspect will improve soon for you.

Posted by Boredbylyme (Member # 9577) on :
Neuro Lyme for 17 years (recently Igenex + tested) this a very familiar symptom for me; Lyme rage!

Anti-dep didn't work at all !
But Bromazepam an anti-anxiogen worked for me and its less addictive than most antid!

Now off most chemicals except ABX for 18 months (Biaxin and ceftin) but much more into many naturopathic products bactericides vitamins etc!

Downplaying it; This lyme rage symptom could be rather difficult for family social and life at work! At least it was for me!
Don't let it go untreated!

Sorry for the poor quality of my english i speak french!

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