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Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :
Posted by h8lyme (Member # 11765) on :
I don't know what nutramedix herbs are, but I take some herbs for bartonella.

I currently take Red root, Teasel, boneset, and resveratrol.
Posted by valymemom (Member # 7076) on :
I take the boneset and resveratrol, also for bart. My son has been on Cowden and I don't think there is a specific nutramedix herb for bart.
Posted by Clarissa (Member # 4715) on :
My LLMD has me on Cumanda for Bartonella.
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
One poster here, GenaD from Florida got rid of her Bart with high doses of Olive Leaf Extract.
Posted by sweet pea (Member # 6495) on :
Banderol is supposed to treat Bart.
Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :

So - Cumanda is Campsiandra angustifolia (tincture) also has Campsiandra angustifolia:

Banderol is Otoba sp.
Posted by disturbedme (Member # 12346) on :
I'm on the Nutramedix herbs and, from what I know and heard, don't think any of those herbs treat co-infections. Now, they have Enula out which is for Babesia, though.

According to "Healing Lyme" by Stephen Buhner, herbs for Bartonella are:

Polygonum cuspidatum tablets: 3-4, 4x daily.

Boneset tea: 3-4x daily.

Red root tincture (with lymph, spleen, or liver inflammation): 30 - 90 drops to 4x daily.
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :

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