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Posted by ElaineC (Member # 9857) on :
Anyone have any experience of pulsing Septra? Either so many days per week, or so many weeks per month?

If so, was it effective for you?

Would appreciate any replies!

Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
Yes, I pulsed septra, but I was also taking mepron and biaxin at the same time.

Septra is a great drug for both bart and babs. I had significant improvement while on this med.
Posted by daise (Member # 13622) on :
Hi ElaineC,

I'm on Septra now. After IV Rocephen and also LA Bicillin shots for Lyme I now pulse Septra DS (Double Strength) twice a day, but only M-F. (I started out taking it 7 days a week for the first two months.)

I also pulse biaxin 500 mg twice a day, but only M-W-F. I pulse flagyl 500 mg, 2 per day, on Sat and Sun. And I pulse amoxicillan, 500 mg, 2-twice a day, but only M-F.

Does the Septra (and biaxin) help me for bart? I'm in the middle of treatment for bart. Hard to say for sure, but in my mind, YES it's helping.

Possibly Septra may also help Lyme.

It depends on what your LLMD and you think is the best meds/method/dose for your needs. .

daise [Smile]
Posted by ElaineC (Member # 9857) on :
Thanks for those replies -
I should have explained a little....I'm also on Malarone, Zith, Art and Lariam at the mo, and did Septra daily for past 3 weeks but herx was so so VERY severe [Frown] I've had to back off for a while. LLMD mentioned maybe having to pulse it instead in the future....

So Savebabe, how did you pulse it? So many days per week? Or so many weeks per month? Glad to hear it helped you.

Daise that is quite a pulsing regime!! Very interesting though - with my lymebrain I'd have to have reminders to remember the correct order! [Smile]
Posted by daise (Member # 13622) on :

Everybody is different.

If you need Septra (and you did say you herxed badly on a short course) then maybe your LLMD wants to wait--maybe they want to knock out the babs, then go after bart with Septra. (Septra may also be helpful with Lyme.)

The babs and bart herxes apparently are too much all at once for you. Possibly that's the reason.

Please keep in mind that I also pulse biaxin (clarithromycin) which reportedly helps with bart.

daise [Smile]
Posted by ElaineC (Member # 9857) on :

FYI Septra works against BOTH Babs and Bart! [Smile]

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