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Posted by lorenzfam (Member # 14938) on :
I am on abx for an UTI...should I wait until I am done to get tested for Lyme?
Posted by dmc (Member # 5102) on :
I think supposed or should be off for 10 days.
Posted by lorenzfam (Member # 14938) on :
Someone mentioned to me that it might be good to test while on abx, that way the Lyme is active and fighting.

I guess it could go either way. Maybe I will call the Dr. at Igenex and ask what he recommends.

Thanks for your help!
Posted by trish4 (Member # 14156) on :
Well im not really sure but I do know I was concerned a couple weeks ago when I got my Lyme test because I had taken a few pills about 5 days prior to my western blot and my LLMD said that was fine and wouldnt affect it.
Posted by KS (Member # 12549) on :
I spoke directly to Igenex about this and they said the antibiotics would not have an impact on antibody testing (i.e. ELISA, Western blot) but does for PCR testing.


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