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Posted by Jellybelly (Member # 7142) on :
Would like imput from anyone who is a vitamin D buff or from those who suffer from muscle cramps.

I have suffered from cramps in the past so bad, that I was nearly brought to tears on many an occasion. I always noticed a correlation between drinking milk and having cramps within hours. I used to think it was the calcium.

Then there was all the hype about Marshall's protocol. I looked into and actually had the tests he recommended done. Low and behold I was sky high in that certain form of Vitamin D he talks about, can't think of the name at this moment. By the way I am not a Marshall supporter, don't even follow any of his protocol.

Started reading up on it and found that to much of this form of D can actually bring on osteopersosis by actually leaching calcium out of the bones. Guess where the calcium ends up your muscles, actually stiffening them or you might say hardening them.

I was also having some weird heart issues, not even the typical ones you hear about here, but with no explanation as usual. I started thinking, the heart is a muscle, and what if the calcium is ending up in my heart muscle as well, not good. Made me think of Calcium Channel Blockers, still don't know if the two are realted.

I stopped taking in any forms of vitamin D in things that were fortified, like milk. Tons of stuff is fortified with vitamin D. Guess what? the muscles cramps stopped almost entirely.

It's been several years and recently we were kind of low on food in the cupboards and I was hungery. I had a big bowl of cereal with rice milk which just happened to be fortified with D like most of them are.

That night I woke up with unbelievable leg cramps running down the front of both legs and into my feet. Bolted up out of bed, running through the house in the dark to the kitchen to apply ice. That is the only thing that will stop them. Takes several minutes of icing.

Next day, I was telling my husband about the fact that I had these cramps and it had been years, and then duh! I had the rice milk with vitamin D earlier that day before!!!!

So what is it about some forms of vitamin D? I have discussed this with my doc and he recommended vitamin D3. You know what, I can take that with no cramping. The vitamin D in fish oil also causes me to have cramps so I use Omega 3s from plant sources, but maybe not as good.

Oh, and being in the sun getting D that way is no problem either. It is also not the milk, because I have found milk that is not fortified and I do fine.

Is this a problem for others here and the connection hasn't been made?
Posted by Cold Feet (Member # 9882) on :
Hi Jelly,

It sounds like you are a good learner and your own best advocate. That's great - many people here survive and heal because they possess these gifts.

Vitamin D is sometimes a contentious issue on this board for many reasons. The media extols the virtues of supplements, while many (not all) patients are getting better by avoiding the secosteroid. For what it's worth, D is also known to negatively affect the delicate and complicated biochemistry of the spinal disc. There is a large number of Lyme patients that have severe spine problems; for these and other reasons.

There needs to be more studies on D -- if nothing else to balance the perceptions of its complicated role in the healing of human diseases.

In the meantime, I continue to make solid & measurable progress on the ``MP.'' I've avoided vitamin D (with occasional fish) but enjoy biking three sunny seasons annually. Sure, the MP is VERY difficult, but the journey has helped me heal in mind, spirit and body.

Keep asking questions. The folks here are supportive and have intelligent perspectives that may help you on your new journey. Email or PM if I can help.

: )
Posted by Jellybelly (Member # 7142) on :
Still asking....
Posted by B R H (Member # 12159) on :
All the symptoms you describe are exactly what Marshall predicts would happen. Why is it so hard to believe that he just might be right about some of this vitamin D stuff?

It's often called NEURO-borreliosis for a reason.
Posted by treepatrol (Member # 4117) on :
Hi Jelly are you taking Magnesium and b12 suggest b12 shot it has helped me greatly.Also take a good b complex vitamin and multi.
Posted by Jellybelly (Member # 7142) on :
BRH.....There is a lot I dislike about Marshall and his protocol, but I do think there is something to this Vitamin D, at least in my case.

Hi Tree.....yes, I take massive amounts of mag and have been taking very high amounts of B12 in the form of shots.
Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :
Jelly, your Vit D levels and concerns are almost identical to mine..... (well, I don't have muscle cramps but the Vitamin D/ calcium stuff is certainly familiar.)

Congratulations on making the connection with what caused the muscle cramping!

It is noteworthy that you can take D3 but not eat D-fortified foods or fish oil D. Supposedly the best D3 is fish oil-derived...... so this gets very confusing.

I saw my PCP this week - I asked if there were any tests out there that we could use to monitor my `collagen synthesis' and whether or not these calcium/D3 supplements (and others) are doing any good at all. He said there just isn't anything.

Well, there are some tests I've found - I mentioned a couple of tests to him, but like he said, if I find out from testing that there's some problem with assimilation or bone resporption, what do we do about it? Good point. There isn't always a clear solution (especially if there is no drug out there to fix it).

**sigh* [shake]

I think I'd better make that appointment with the kinesiologist this week. If she turns out to be any good, she may be the best chance I have of understanding what my body needs - or what may be harmful - at this point in time.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
I often get horrible foot cramps and I notice on the days I have more calcium is when I get them. A low dose of potassium seems to help. I was low on vitamin D, so have been taking 2000IU daily. Just got retested and hope I can drop the vtiamin D (one less pill to pop). Of course, if I was to follow a good diet and not have the cheese etc (am allergic to dairy supposedly), maybe this would not happen. Hiker53
Posted by treepatrol (Member # 4117) on :
Originally posted by Jellybelly:
BRH.....There is a lot I dislike about Marshall and his protocol, but I do think there is something to this Vitamin D, at least in my case.

Hi Tree.....yes, I take massive amounts of mag and have been taking very high amounts of B12 in the form of shots.

Are you taking other forms of b vitamin like b12 yes, folic acid and b6?

whoops dont forget potasium cramps can be helped by it also mag
Posted by treepatrol (Member # 4117) on :
Folic acid is a member of the B complex and is often deficient in the diet. Folic acid helps protect the chromosomes, is needed for the utilization of sugar and amino acids, promotes healthier skin and helps protect against intestinal parasites and food poisoning. The United States RDA of 400 mcgs is what is needed for optimal health. Studies show that folic acid in high doses can protect a body from cardiovascular disease. The FDA has finally allowed the claim that Folic acid can prevent Spina Bifida, and that women of child-bearing age should have more folic acid in their diet.
Posted by Jellybelly (Member # 7142) on :
Thank for the added info Tree. I don't take a specific B supplement. I do take a multi vit, I should check and see what the Bs are.

I do take potassium. I have for many years since my cardiologist told me to NEVER miss taking it after finding I was having runs of V-Tach.

Thanks Truthfinder for you comments. Someone IM me saying the same thing about fish oil. I had recently tried to take it again, but it was a couple of days after consuming that fortified rice milk. Maybe the cramping was residual from the rice milk and not the fish oil at all.

I will wait a few weeks, and retry the fish oil. I'll let you know what happens.

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