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Posted by lou (Member # 81) on :
Does anyone know if it is possible to get a SPECT scan of a quality comparable to Columbia? Looking for a friend in the D.C. area. Mine was done at Columbia and that is too far away for this person. Have heard something about the number of heads used in the machine, and the ability of the interpreter to read the scan.

Any advice, suggestions?
Posted by Nori (Member # 8983) on :
There is a clinic in Reston, VA called the Amen Clinic that does spect

google Amen clinic for their website.
Posted by sometimesdilly (Member # 9982) on :

ability to interpret the scan appears to be the key. Columbia does that best.

i trekked from MD to Columbia because i couldn't find a good alternative closer. Maybe that's changed? I suggest your friend contact Columbia directly to ask for suggestions.

Posted by BJK (Member # 13251) on :
I had a SPECT specific for Lyme done in New york at the reffereal of DR was very enlightening (showed alot of damage...other issues, and said the results were consistent with Lyme disease

PM me if youre interested in the info


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