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Posted by pineapple (Member # 11904) on :
(Like we didn't know this already - they must have been neurologists and infectious dis. ducks)

Survey Reveals Most Americans Think Docs Need Better Bedside Manners

According to a new survey conducted by Kelton Research for the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, a vast majority of Americans wish their doctors demonstrated the ``care'' in the term heath care. The survey unveiled that nearly eight out of ten polled (78 percent) complain that today's doctors need better bedside manners and less than half of survey respondents could describe their doctor's recent conduct as attentive (49 percent), communicative (44 percent) or compassionate (32 percent) at their last medical visit.

``Many past studies have shown a strong correlation between patient and doctor satisfaction and better overall patient outcomes when doctors develop a relationship with their patients,'' said foundation founder Arnold P. Gold, MD. ``What this survey shows us is that patients are still craving for their physician to see the `person' behind the prognosis and really want a `connectedness' with their doctor.''

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, dedicated to keeping the care in healthcare, sponsored the online survey of 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 to garner patient perceptions about their physicians' commitment to providing compassionate care. Respondents indicated that along with the need for better beside manner, less than half (47 percent) of the doctors visited have displayed an interest in their overall well-being as a person rather than the specific ailment at hand. In addition, many reported that their dissatisfaction with doctors is due to an experience of disconnection, such as the doctor making them feel rushed (40 percent), not providing enough opportunity to discuss their concerns and questions (36 percent), or even being outright rude or condescending (23 percent). 4/25/08
Posted by daise (Member # 13622) on :
Hi pineapple,

Thank you.

This is good acknowledgement.

daise [Smile]
Posted by lou (Member # 81) on :
Outright rude and condescending seems to come at a higher rate to lyme patients consulting anyone like neurologists and ID docs. Is there any correlation with the difficulty of cures and the brushing off of the patients who have these diseases? Neurology, for example, does not have much to offer people with neurological diseases.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by lou:
Neurology, for example, does not have much to offer people with neurological diseases.

That's for sure!
Posted by Dave6002 (Member # 9064) on :
Does anybody know the secrecy why American ducks behave poorly on both profession and manner however receive high pay? Also there is almost no competition between them; a duck can easily find a job.
Posted by daise (Member # 13622) on :
Hi Dave 6002,

Most who become doctors, do that because they want to be rich. They get into it, with that orientation. It's then easy for a duck not to see a patient as being a human being. Most doctors don't know we have cells. That's what we're dealing with, for the most part. Bunch of dumb s----

In my opinion!

daise [Smile]
Posted by lymednva (Member # 9098) on :
i am noticing that the older the duck, usually the worse the bedside manner.

of course there are exceptions, one being my ob-gyn who has gone above and beyond for both me and friends when it comes to patient care. [group hug]

in my experience, overall endocrinologists score at the bottom of the barrel.

the one i see now is highly recommended, but he refuses to think outside the box and has repeatedly told me there's no such thing as adrenal fatigue. his pompous attitude makes it so i am unable to argue with him.

i know a friend he promised he would get to the bottom of her health problems, which probably included multiple hormonal deficits, since she's a chronic lymie.

but the limited tests he ran came up empty so he showed her the door. she was devastated. [shake] [dizzy]

my orthopedist who is responsible for putting my shoulder back together, is excellent and thorough. he goes into great detail about what he plans to do, and what might happen if that doesn't work. he also happens to be young. [Big Grin]
Posted by daise (Member # 13622) on :
Yes, Lymednva!

I fall all over myself thanking the very few good conventional doctors that there are.

daise [Smile]

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