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Posted by bernieb4 (Member # 14654) on :
I just started these today: Rifampin 600mg a day with Minocycline 400mg. Is this a standard dosage for these in combination?

400mg of Mino seemed somewhat high to me to start out on. Are other people taking this dosage along with Rifampin?

It says don't mix Rifampin with alcohol -- but is it ok to continue herbal tinctures like olive leaf extract, despite their alcohol content?
Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
Dunno, but lemme' know how it goes, as I'm interested in

trying mino for my bart.
Posted by KS (Member # 12549) on :
400 mg of mino is VERY high...especially to begin with. If you definitely have Lyme and have a heavy infection load, I fear you are in for some intolerable days. If you start feeling really bad, I'd think about backing down on that dose.

I've been treating for about 10 months and am on 100mg minocycline (mixed with other antibiotics)although I think 200 mg is probably a better place all around.

Don't have much input on the Rifampin....

Keep us posted on how you are doing!

Posted by chamade (Member # 11472) on :
check out my thread about starting on 400mg mino:;f=1;t=066079#000000
Posted by jamescase20 (Member # 14124) on :
idk, I was taking 400-500 mino. But I am insane, and just finished throwing up and crawling. bac to bed.

start lower, but def get to that high, it might not work otherwise. read the tickguide. I found out taking ANY tetra for me for more then a few weeks makes me really sick. so I rotate it.

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