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Posted by marsva (Member # 15398) on :
I went to the rhumatologist the other day....pretty much a total waste of time, she gave me a prescrip for naprocyn but...she ordered some blood work.

She made a point of saying she is not a Lyme specialist but treats some Lyme patients for pain.

I am wondering if these blood tests are anywhere near complete and if I could request they could be sent to IGenix if they are the appropriate tests.

I should mention I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease two years ago.

The Lyme titer showed the antibodies. I also had the bullseye rash and many of the other symptoms.

I do plan on making an appointment with a LLMD.
(Thanks to my friends here at lymenet who sent me in a good direction).

So I am not sure I will go ahead with the tests that are ordered now and I don't plan on taking the naprocyn.

What can you tell me?

Thanks in advance!

ANA Reflex
C-Reactive Protein
Lyme AB/Relex
Lyme Western Blot
Posted by Mathias (Member # 5298) on :
I would worry about taking the Naproxen. It could help with any pains you may be having.

Were you ever treated after you were diagnosed with lyme?
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
thanks for telling us you had LYME 2 YRS. AGO.

i don't have personal experience on lyme before and blood tests.

i do recommend CRP; i'd have BOTH TYPES; heart and other kind.

ana was positive 3 times for me called LUPUS BUT NEVER TREATED FOR IT.

cbc .. ok to do that.

rest no comments.

if you go western blot, i'd insist IGENEX OR FRY LABS; were you ever tested/treated for CO-INFECTIONS??

fry labs would save you money on co-infection testings! [group hug] [kiss]

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