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Posted by BJK (Member # 13251) on :
Hi all,

This morning I noticed what I thought was a bulls-eye rash on the side of my right leg. Little red pit in the center, then whiteish ring then surrounded by a briused appearance (and hurts to touch)

This link has pictures:

At closer inspection there are 2 spider or fang-like bites there too, so Im wondering if this may have been a spider or ant?

Anyhow, Just thought Id post it here to see if anyone had opinions after looking at the pics ( commenting on my legs now, especially you lymechaters [Wink] )

Thanks and God Bless

Posted by ByronSBell 2007 (Member # 11496) on :
doesn't look to be like a tick bite, my brother had a spider bite that looked similar but had more puss and was more elevated.

He did 2 months antibiotics and went weekly to have it drained.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hmmm.. Very odd. Maybe you'll be able to tell more in another day or so.

Hope it's OK!!!
Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :
Within the last few days I read a huge thread on Activated Charcoal.

The article referenced talks about placing AC on bites and it draws out all the infection.

Worth a try.

Posted by terri3boys (Member # 12993) on :
That is so strange ----- I have a bruise like that on the base of my 3rd toe from yesterday! I still can't figure that out!

I'm not sure what yours is. Obviously, keep a close eye on it and note any changes.

All of the "bee stinging" feelings on my toes on both feet never went away from when I posted last night. They felt like they were on FIRE!!!!

Never got swollen or red, but around 11:00pm-ish last night I noticed the bruise on my right toe and a couple of red "bite" markings on my left toes.

Kept putting Benadryl, Solarcaine, etc. on them. All that did was give VERY temporary relief. I slept with socks on, to keep the ointment on. I knew it was gonna be a long night.

Man, was I right! After reapplying whatever I could find in the dark several times last night, they hurt SO bad that I ended up putting cold gel packs from the freezer around my toes.

This was around 3:45am or so. I put the frozen gel packs in baggies, wrapped them around my socks, then put bigger baggies on my feet. I looked like such a dork.

It worked for a while, then my toes would get too cold and I'd rip the baggies off. What a miserable night.

My toes are starting to show more red "bite" marks or something as the day goes on. They're still stinging today, but not quite as badly. They're just getting more reddish and you can see the location of the little devils better.

What's strange is that they don't look like actual ant bites --- I don't know WHAT they look like. I'm worried because my hands are stinging a bit and they're showing the same kind of reddish marks on the 1st and 2nd fingers at the base and going to the knuckle on my hands.

Maybe that's where I was brushing something off my toes? I don't know. I don't need this today --- I have a 2 day sleep study that starts tonight and I really need to get it done tonight and tomorrow night. Arrrrgggghhhhhh..........

Sorry for the novel. If you figure out what your bruise or bite is, please let me know! I just think that's weird that we both have this bruise thing out of nowhere.

Gotta run. Need to get organized and follow up on lots of stuff right now ----- IF I can concentrate! Good luck to you!

Take care,
Posted by terri3boys (Member # 12993) on :
Trying to see if I can move this post UP!

Wondering if this has anything to do with the stinging "bites" or whatever is going on with my toes and now my hands.........

Please read this thread, and especially the last post which is mine (terri3boys.)

See if it has any connection with my original post from last night "HELP! Burning toes like never before......." something to that effect.

May be nothing, but possibly something I haven't considered. I really appreciate anyone's feedback!


terri3boys [confused] [bow]

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