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Posted by Bobidor (Member # 14453) on :
I've been taking abx for 3 months now. Many of my symptoms are gone (twitching, arrhythmia, numbness, etc.), but for the last month or so my legs are hurting non-stop. Today, I was in pain all over: muscles, bones, joints, and it affected even my arms and neck muscles.

I also have much more fatigue, to the point where I'm not functional. I sleep most of the time, because I'm tired, but also because sleep allows me to escape the pain.

Do you think I'm still herxing after 3 months of treatment? I didn't notice any cycle. So far, in total, I had about 10 "good" days.

I take zithro 500 mg, doxy 400 mg and plaquenil 400 mg.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts...
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Man, I hate to hear that! But yes, herxing can be nearly non-stop and probably WILL be for quite awhile, depending upon how long you've been ill.

You're on a lot of high powered meds too, so I imagine you're really P***** off the keets!
Posted by Bobidor (Member # 14453) on :
I don't know for sure when I got the disease, but I started having weird symptoms (weak arm and legs, numbness, vertigo, panic attacks...) in 1986.

I'm glad to hear it's likely to be a herx. I'm hoping that the abx do prevent the buggers from multiplying and damaging me even more!

Posted by tickssuck (Member # 15388) on :
Hi Julie...your post caught my eye as I've been treating for about 3 months too. I have Lyme, Bart, Babs and Ehrlichia. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere; I'm feeling defeated.

I started with 500 mg zithro, I have now pulsed flagyl a couple of times for 1 week and just added mepron/art one week ago.

I don't feel like I've really seen much change. I may twitch slightly less...but, feel as dizzy/off balance as ever, my heart issues are awful, my blood pressure still elevated, still deal with numbness, my nervous system just feels shot, always so over-reactive...overall I just feel terrible.

I do feel thankful as I can get out and about where some can't...but I feel so terrible all the time. It gets exhausting being out in public, trying to act like I'm "normal," when I often feel like I am about to pass out. I have not fainted or seizured yet; but often live in fear that I might - I feel that out of control.

Will this ever get better? I don't notice any cycle to anything...I'm really discouraged. I hope things start improving for you.
Posted by Parisa (Member # 10526) on :
In Lymeland time slows way down. Unfortunately, three months isn't very long. Unless you caught it right at the very beginning most people don't get better right away. Keep slugging away at it.

Ticksuck, hopefully the mepron will kick in for you in about a month or so. Beware of the babesia herx though. It can play a bit with the emotions. Best to know that upfront so you'll know that it's the herx, not you, and that it will pass.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
unfortunately with lyme disease, you learn PATIENCE; lyme has it's own schedule and no one can speed it up at all.

yes, it does sound like a herxing, and this may go on a long time.

when i was on 20 months of pulsed 2 abx, i herxed from day 1 until the end! non-stop!

best wishes; and so glad you are getting needed sleep.

i have NOT had quality sleep in 30-36 YEARS out of my 38.5 years with chronic lyme.

i can't reach step 4, DELTA, where body heals and you wake up feeling refreshed!

also have sleep apnea, and cpap does NOT help me at all.
Posted by daise (Member # 13622) on :
Hi Bobidor,

I'm sorry to hear you've had it so long. And I'm sorry to say that treatment takes time, it really does. [Frown]

Parisa said: "In Lymeland time slows way down."


W a y d o w n. [group hug]

Stay with treatment. There are many, many here who know what it's like to herx and to wonder if they'll ever get better. In Lymeland that's normal!

A common phrase that has great meaning is: Hang-in there! [Razz]

You'll get better.

daise [Smile]

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