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Posted by roro (Member # 13383) on :
I just read a post by someone else saying RDW means babesia, and I was wondering about MCV.

My MCV, mean cell volume, has been elevated on many CBC tests. I have also had the symptom of profuse sweating, air hunger, etc. LLMD says bart is the main player, but also lyme, ehrlichia and babs.

I am on biaxin, rifampin, and doxy. I also took artemesinin as much as I could without it bothering my stomach. just wondering if I shoudl treat babs more aggressively.

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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :

I did a search on it and didn't see where it was related. It MIGHT be.. but I didn't see anything pop out at me during the quick search.

I do see Babs symptoms though on your post.

Once you knock down some of the other stuff... I would really think seriously about getting serious with babesia.

Just my opinion.

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Posted by roro (Member # 13383) on :
actually, i think its MPV mean platelet volume.

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