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Posted by Peedie (Member # 15355) on :
Can a EM rash show up again in the same place years later?

My daughter has not yet been confirmed Lyme - has not been treated, but has something that looks like EM in same place where the ER doctor said was a infected hair folicle years ago.

If it could be - where do I take her to get it checked out? If the PCP and ER docs don't know EMs - what do we do?

Is there a test they can do on the EM itself?

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

MY rash shows up over and over in same places!

i'd call IGENEX LABS in calif; see my newbie package. have them send you a blood kit IMMEDIATELY.

click edit, find, and type in igenex hitting enter until you come to all the details about this.

your pcp or ER dr. will need to SIGN THEIR LAB REQUEST FORM....

date it, and show diagnosis code for reimbursement for the western blot igm and igg blood tests...

prepay $200 now by credit card or check....

good luck.

once you get the box of stuff; take daughter in mon. or tuesday to draw blood so they can do something to blood....spin it down per instructions, and you can MAIL BY FED EX; they paid postage!
Posted by Piegirl (Member # 14786) on :
I've had my bullseye rash in the exact same spot on my leg twice now. Once last year and once this year.

The second one is almost gone now. Both showed up years AFTER I got sick with Lyme.

Posted by Peedie (Member # 15355) on :
Thank you for responding. We decided it would be a waste of money to go to the ER or doctor for the rash.

I was afraid you all would think I was talking crazy to you. I'll try to get a picture.

This Tues. morning she is taking her Igenex #188 and #189 test kit by our PCP to have the blood drawn.

Perhaps since the LD is "acting up" we will get a good read on the test.

I'm still waiting for results on my test sent out two weeks ago today by 2nd day FedX.

Best of Health,
Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
I have heard of treatments such as HBOT causing an EM rash to appear that was not from a new bite.
Posted by Tracy9 (Member # 7521) on :
Mine recurred about six months later. Same spot, same rash, symptoms all over again. It was January, so no chance I got rebitten.

My PCP didn't believe it was that, this was before my LLMD days. Of course it did all get documented, at least!

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