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Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
I am here now closing in on my month in Colorado.

I should have been looking for jobs ( I applied at 2) but I have just been so bummed out.

My brother has great health (he can drink and run around like a madman), while Im just stuck looking retarded.

I almost fell the other day and he kept insisting that I eat bread and other junk that just makes my feet burn.

So I am going back to Connecticut and ready to have it out with my doctor again.

I am just so sick of this chronic vertigo thats ruining my life.

I feel that Im stuck working for a little over $300 a week for a school just for insurance and I feel that I need SS disability to just get by!

Im wondering if I get a SPECT scan if this will prove my condition and perhaps make me more eligible.

I just dont know what to do at this point. Im so depressed at every turn. I feel that my body is not supporting me in the things I want to do.

My brother says that he doesnt care about insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh God why have you forsaken me [confused]
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

This is a duplicate thread.

Until this thread is deleted, please go to the one that already has at least one answer at it:;f=1;t=069345


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