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Posted by LaurenTurner (Member # 12320) on :
My local health dept. called today. I wasn't going to call them back but my husband convinced me too. I'm always paranoid that something bad will come of it.

They just asked where I got Lyme Disease. Actually the woman called it Lyme's Disease. [bonk] When I told her I got it where I live (in Texas) she said "Are you sure you haven't been camping, or gone on a trip to the East?" [Roll Eyes] Some people just don't believe it's here.

Other than that she just asked what my symptoms were. She went through a list of different symptoms to see if I had any of them. She asked when I was diagnosed and where.

I just saw a new Texas llmd last week. She said that the information had been sent from his office.

I asked why she had to investigate. She said it was just the law. That there were 50 something different disease/conditons that they have to investigate. She said that if they noticed a lot of people in my neighborhood with LD they would have to do something like spray for ticks.

So anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has received a call from their health dept. Do you think it's okay that I talked to her?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Do not do anything yet.

I'm too tired to convey what I've read about this, but there are considerations.

Of course, sharing knowledge is good so that others may not have to suffer.

Still, you'll need to be prepared for the questions.

Others will be around to share their experiences with the same kind of phone calls. Some of the questions asked by some interviewers from another state seemed invasive and out of line.

Another caller was told she would have to go and take another set of tests at the labs the state wanted her to. That lab did not do the test right, omitting some of the important bands in the Western Blot.

You could also ask them for a form if they need to know basics such as where you contracted this and when?

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
So you had a positive test? I would be very careful...but if they already had the reported info, there's not much more they're going to learn from you that will cause harm.... I think.

The big worry would be their finding out about our LLMD's and then harrassing them.
Posted by LaurenTurner (Member # 12320) on :
Yeah, I'm kind of wishing I hadn't talked to them... better safe than sorry.

She already knew about my current doctor. Apparently the information had come from him.

I have a cdc postive test from IgeneX. She didn't give me any problems aobut my testing.

Hopefully it doesn't cause any problems for anyone. I'm always so worried about that. [Frown]

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