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Posted by ldfighter (Member # 9405) on :
Has anyone tried more than one of these and can compare effectiveness?

- Zhang's Allicin caps

- Biopure Organic Freeze Dried Garlic caps

- Nature's Way Garlicin enteric-coated tabs

(Not much talk about Garlicin here, but in studies it's the only enteric-coated tablet that delivers the full allicin potential.,M1 )

Another question, do Zhang and Biopure capsules survive the trip down to the small intestine the way enteric-coated tabs do?

Thanks for any responses.

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Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Garlic is supposed to be taken following a meal - that way it arrives where it is needed intact.
Biopure's can also be opened and taken in a bit of room temp water - then it can be taken in between meals.

I literally cured the majority of the Lyme I once had with what is now known as Biopure freeze dried garlic - starting with 9-12 caps a day then gradually reducing it to titration - to avoid the odor. Biopure searched for a long time to get the purest and cleanest organic garlic. I still take it today when I test for it energetically - it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral. I always have a supply at hand - I even put it on some meats because fresh organic garlic is expensive and I do not always have it available.
At this time, I avoid garlic grown in China.

Take care.

P.S. If you do a search here, you will find many garlic stories!
Posted by ldfighter (Member # 9405) on :
Thanks for the info Gigi!
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
You can click on the Amazon site here on this page and type in freeze-dried garlic.

I used Pharmax brand and it worked great.

Also I've done a clove of garlic chewed very, very quickly on one side of the mouth and swallowed after a meal.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
There was also some discussion here about Allimax.

Allimax research

Posted by ldfighter (Member # 9405) on :
Thanks for that link Carol! It mentioned a study claiming "Allisure" eradicated 90% of Lyme spirochetes and cysts with corresponding clinical improvement over a 3-month period. There's a press release with more info on the company's site, study hasn't been published yet. I wonder how they determined the Lyme was eradicated? And what the dosages were? Very interesting.

Does anyone know the difference between Allimax, Allisure and Alliforce? I can't even tell if it's one company or three.
Posted by ldfighter (Member # 9405) on :
I should have done a search first. Here's a discussion on Allimax in case anyone's interested:;f=1;t=052044
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

I've used them all at one time or other and really like the Hepapro brand. Yes, it is enteric coated and survives the trip down and does not irritate my esophagus or stomach at all. Although, I've always used the Hepapro brand as part of the overall protocol. It is not intended to be used alone, but as part of the plan.

As per GiGi's advice, at this time, I'd avoid ANYTHING grown in China unless I had specific quality assurances.

The current poisoning of 13,000 Chinese children from powdered milk contamination is a very sad example of poor quality control. Added to manufacturing problems, the air and water pollution is so bad in China that it affects the vegetation grown in many (although not all) regions.


This recent thread also discussed some brands:;f=1;t=065923

Topic: GARLIC- does it cross the BBB

posted 30 April, 2008

Posted by LymeCFIDSMCS (Member # 13573) on :
I am taking Nature's Way Garlicin. It's too early to say much, but I believe it is helping me. It definitely is more potent for me than raw garlic.
Posted by oxygenbabe (Member # 5831) on :
Most enteric capsules use PTHALATES! which are carcinogens!

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