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Posted by skimpbiz (Member # 4433) on :
I recently completed a course of abx that has left me with a yeast overgrowth (llmd saw white all over my tongue). I'm at fault for not taking a probiotic during the three-week abx course, and consider it a lesson learned. I just hadn't ever had an issue with yeast before.

My llmd has prescribed 200mg/day of Diflucan (pink pill form) for the next 10 days. The problem is, my liver and gallbladder are inflamed from the abx right now, and thus I'm really hesitant to put any other pharmaceutical on top of that.

The liver and gallbladder are so sensitive right now, I've basically been on a bland diet the past few days waiting for it to calm down - eating little more than yogurt, eggs, fruit, etc.

My question is this - for someone in my predicament, is there a way to help with the yeast without having to take Diflucan? If I eat yeast friendly foods and take a probiotic, will it go away?

Any liver/gall bladder friendly natural suggestions to help me would be greatly appreciated. If the answer is "Take the Diflucan - it won't exacerbate your liver/gall bladder," I will listen to that as well.

Thank you,
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

I find the best antifungal for me is Olive Leaf Extract.

Allicin is splendid, too, but it raises tinnitus for me and can be a bit over stimulating.

I would suggest both for a active case, or rotate.

While I don't have a regular lyme protocol for many reasons, for the times I've been on abx for a few months at a time, I had no problem at all with even a trace of candida as long as I took Myrolea-B.

My liver has trouble processing drugs in the Cytochrome P-450 class. So diflucan is hard on me.

Myrolea-B (White Tiger) works far better for me and I see no problems at all. In addition to being antifungal, this formula helps in other ways, too.


Myrolea-B (White Tiger) is a simple formulation of highly concentrated extracts from four Chinese herbs and one Western herb.

The Chinese herbs include forsythia and lonicera, two of the key ingredients of Ilex 15 (and the main antiviral ingredients of Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian), thus boosting the dosage of these essential ingredients.

Myrolea-B also contains the antiviral agents scute (huangqin) and terminalia (hezi). The Western herb in this formulation is olive leaf, which is one of the primary anti-viral herbs derived from the European tradition.


SHUANGHUANGLIAN: Potent Anti-Infection Combination of Lonicera, Forsythia, and Scute

- by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine - 2003

Shuanghuanglian (SHL for short) is a modern formula that was devised in the 1960s to treat a variety of infections. It is comprised of the alcohol-water extracts of three herbs: lonicera (shuanghua, often called jinyinhua), scute (huangqin), and forsythia (lianqiao). . . .

. . . One of the early preparations of the SHL was a tablet made of equal proportions of the extracts of each herb. This was used to treat leptospirosis, a disorder caused by a spirochete bacteria, related to the organism that causes Lyme disease.

Leptospirosis causes initial symptoms of fever and chills, headache, and muscle ache (especially in the shoulders); these are consistent with "flu-like" symptoms described for the onset of many acute infections.

In a 1971 report, the formula was described as being made in 500 mg tablets derived from 3.7 grams of the crude herbs, and being administered in doses of 10-15 tablets (thus, equivalent to the extract of 37-55 grams of herbs) every 6 hours (1), a very high dosage.

. . . Recently, Shuanghuanglian has been applied successfully to treatment of Coxsackie B3,

. . . The general indications for SHL . . . are "relieving the exterior syndrome, clearing away heat and toxic material," and its indications are "treatment of fever, cough, and sore throat that arise from wind-heat syndrome."

It is said to have "a good action in treating upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis, laryngopharyngitis, pneumonia, acute enteritis, viral dysentery, etc., when caused by virus or bacterial infection."

- full article at link above.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

I ran this search some time ago so the number may be a bit changed but, still, you can search each of the ingredients in Myrolea-B.

PubMed Search:

Lonicera - 156 abstracts

Forsythia - 227

Olive Leaf Extract - 50

Scute - 517

Terminalia - 395

chebula terminalia - 88


not in Myrolea-B, but fabulous:

allicin, antifungal - 34


Most NDs (naturopathic doctors) and L.Ac.'s (acupuncturists) carry this line. It is from the same people who make the Seven Forests line.

White Tiger - Myrolea-B - 2 tabs : 3X/day

Myrolea-B contains these ingredients: Lonicera Flower, Forsythia, Olive Leaf, Scutellaria, Chebula Terminalia.

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Topic: Garlic, Garlicin, Allicin?

Posted by ldfighter on Aug. 30

Posted by Tiramisu (Member # 15082) on :
Caprylic acid is antifungal, though I haven't yet given it a good trial to know about side effects, etc. I have it in tablet form.

I believe it is derived from virgin coconut oil, which has lots of health benefits. But I don't know if consuming the oil would give you enough benefit.

These are just suggestions. I don't have first hand experience on the issue. Good luck.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by skimpbiz:
- eating little more than yogurt, eggs, fruit, etc.

.............. If I eat yeast friendly foods and take a probiotic, will it go away?

Eating yogurt and fruit while in the throes of yeast is not good in my opinion. Most yogurt contains too much sugar.

Read the labels.

Fruit [except Grannny Smith apples] is also not recommended while trying to get rid of yeast.

If I eat yeast friendly foods and take a probiotic, will it go away?

NO... not very likely. Get rid of it now, and THEN eat low carb, no sugar and take probiotics to prevent further complications.

Yes, olive leaf extract and caprylic acid might work instead of Diflucan.

I've taken months and months of Diflucan with NO problems.
Posted by Annxyz (Member # 9097) on :
Best yeasy fighters for me ( and there is science behind it )

Goldenseal ( I buy the NOW brand powder 9 cheap) and make my own capsules
Caprylic acid - You will not need diflucan with it I promise, but start with a half capsule as it will knock you off your feet

Oil of oregano capsules ( NOW brand ) I take one daily . Start with one . This is POWERFUL!!!

Grapefruit seed extract drops . Also a cyst buster and antibiotic . VERY VERY STRONG .
Start with just a few drops or you will regret it . I take Proseed brand , but others like
nutribiotic or citricidal .


Oil of oregano capsules keep me yeast free .

You really need to take N acetyl cysteine daily , and selenium to protect your liver and raise glutathione levels . This will really help !
Milk thistle is also good .
Posted by Trevor1 (Member # 15489) on :
Posted by Mike30 (Member # 2581) on :
I use Capryillic Acid and it works well. However, I have noticed sometimes the capsules fail to digest. So I always open one and swallow the powder raw for maximum effect. Empty it on your tongue then immediately wash down with water - do not move your mouth together or you will not like the taste.
Posted by skimpbiz (Member # 4433) on :
Thanks so much for all the helpful replies! I have a lot to think about and digest now.

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