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Posted by Curley911 (Member # 2205) on :
I see alot of IgeneX testing here, I'm an old Bowen Lab fan but the lab is closed and the new replacement test is the Flow Cytometry.

Does anyone here have experience where I can figure out if my husband should get the IgeneX test? He did the Flow Cytometry and came back "negative". His # was 13, 18 is considered a positive.

I talked w/the lab and they said most LLMD's would treat with a 13 and considered it a positive. I believe, like the original WB, that the government approval for the testing required the lab to create a certain threshold as negative, elimating positives and keeping numbers down.
My husband believes the Flow Cytometry test is Negative so he won't take treatment.

I don't have another $500 sitting around, I could get it but I'd really want to know how good it is before I order another test paying out of pocket.

Also, our insurance will end 10/30 and we go into COBRA unless he gets another job before then. Should he wait to be tested before getting on w/another ins. company?

Thanks for you thoughts,

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